DStv Plans and Prices: Subscription Packages in Nigeria (2021)

Dstv Nigeria plans

This article contains the latest DStv plans (packages), subscription prices, and channels list in Nigeria for 2021.

DStv Nigeria is the country’s leading satellite cable TV due to the range of services and quality of broadcast. Despite the competition in the sector, DSTV has always triumphed in the industry. Their services spread across other African countries. 

MultiChoice, the parent company of DStv Nigeria, manages the services provided. They provide some of the cheapest TV subscriptions that you will find in Nigeria. Other services provided by MultiChoice Nigeria include HD PVR decoders, DStv mobile TV, and HD channels.

An Overview of DStv Packages

As a lover of football and other sports, many of us use DStv as they usually have coverage for sporting events. Whether it is the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A or Bundesliga, they’ve got you covered. 

The DStv Compact Plus package contains many sports channels. If you are a lover of football like I am, then this is a good offer.

The package covers many football matches, so you’re sure not to miss out. I’d recommend that you can try out the DStv Compact Bouquet.  

Well, there are so many other DStv packages for those not interested in sports. Recently, they updated their offers. For that reason, we will be talking about the recent DStv Nigeria plans and prices for 2021.

We would also talk about the new DStv Explora. That’s a new offer that was included in their Bouquet. 

Note: Irrespective of the DStv packages in Nigeria you are subscribed to, you can manage the subscription online. 

Currently, there are only 6 DStv Nigeria packages available for selection. While 2 older packages have been removed. 

DStv Packages and Bouquets Price List (2021)

If you are considering getting on board with DStv plans, the initial cost is usually with ₦20,000 to ₦44,500. However, different factors may influence variation in prices. The initial cost is the amount it would cost you to get the DStv decoder, cables, satellite dish, and cost of getting a technician to help with installation. 

There are currently 6 DStv packages (bouquets) in Nigeria. Also, MultiChoice has discontinued two plans, namely: Family Package and Access Package. 

As a result of the increase in VAT charges from 5% to 7.5%, MultiChoice has also increased the prices of DStv packages. These price changes were slated for July 1, 2020. You can read more about how the VAT affected other sectors here.

Here is a list of the active DStv bouquets available in Nigeria:

  • DStv Premium
  • DStv Compact Plus
  • DStv Compact
  • DStv Confam
  • DStv Yanga
  • DStv Padi

The discontinued DStv plans are:

  • DStv Access
  • DStv Family

The DStv Mobile used to be handy, but it seems it was replaced with DSTV Now. With DStv Now, you can use your smartphones to watch live TV.

You can also follow your favourite TV shows and events. The app can be downloaded to your device from App Store or Play Store, deepening your phone brand. 

The cheapest package on DStv is the DStv Padi plan, while the DStv Premium plan is the most expensive one. The number of channels available determines the cost of the plan. Therefore, DStv Padi has a lesser number of channels than the other bouquets. 

The DStv plans and prices are in this order:

DStv Padi < DStv Yanga < DStv Confam < DStv Compact < DStv Compact Plus < DStv Premium

DStv Confam, Padi, and Yanga are the latest bouquets. And they seem to be replacements for DStv Family and Access that were discontinued.

The Premium package is the most expensive and it cost about ₦16,200 per month. However, it contains the most channels and it comes with free a subscription to Showmax (a streaming service affiliated with DStv).

The next in price after the Premium plan is the Compact Plus package. This plan contains all the channels available on Compact with additional sports channels.

There are also special DStv bouquets for those that are not interested in English content. They are: 

  • French Bouquets
  • German Bouquets
  • Indian Bouquets

Dstv Premium Package Price: ₦16,200 per Month

The DStv Premium package costs ₦16,200 for a monthly subscription.

DStv Premium package like the name implies is the most expensive package. It is available for high-end users that want all the available DStv channels (both video and audio). The Premium Package contains hundreds of channels across different categories.

The channels exclusive to the Premium package are Comedy Central, CNC World, TLC Entertainment, MNET Movies Premiere, MNET Movies Action+ HD, MNET Movies Smile HD, MNET Africa HD, all HD channels, etc.

Interestingly, the Premium package also has more sports channels than the Compact Plus. So, despite the latter is known for its sports channels, the former supersedes. 

These are some of the sports channels that are only available for those subscribed to the Premium package: SuperSport HD 12, SuperSport HD 11, SuperSport HD 2, and SuperSport HD 1. So, if you are a sports lover that wants it all, you know the plan to choose. 

Another benefit of the Premium package is that it is the only package with HD channels. No other packages provide those channels in high definition quality. 

Imagine watching a London derby or an El Classico on an HD channel. Only sports lovers know what that means. With the DStv Explora Decoder, you can also watch EPL 24-hour full HD matches. 

The fantastic thing about subscribing to the Premium package is that you get a DStv Mobile+ free package. Well, that is only if you’ve got a DStv Drifta decoder. 

Another benefit is the Showmax subscription that comes with the premium plan. With this plan, you can stream TV shows and movies on your phone. Without the premium package, it will cost you about ₦3,000 to subscribe to Showmax. 

DStv Compact Plus Package Price: ₦10,925 per Month

The DStv Compact Plus package costs ₦10,925 for a monthly subscription.

DStv Compact Plus provides access to all available channels on DStv Compact. The catch is that sports channels are included in the offer. There are also two SuperSport channels are included in the plan. However, the Compact Plus contains hundreds of channels.

The sports channels available on this bouquet is the reason so many sports lovers like the plan. So when the premium plan seems not to be affordable, this is a better alternative. And you’re sure not to miss an important football match. 

On the SuperSport Channels, you can watch Champions League football, English Premier League, Ligue 1, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, etc. Well, other sports are covered as well: boxing, tennis, rugby, motorsport, athletics, and golf. 

There are other channels that are available on Compact Plus that are not available on the Compact bouquet. The channels are Africa Magic Showcase, History Channel, Lifetime Entertainment, 1Magic, CGTN News, Crime and Investigation Network, Discovery Channel HD, etc.

DStv Compact Package Price: ₦6,975 per Month

The DStv Compact Plus package costs N6,975 for a monthly subscription.

The DStv Compact provides family-friendly content. It is one of the most subscribed packages on DStv Nigeria. There are over a hundred channels that are available on the plan. 

Some of the channels on this package are SuperSport HD 3 & 4, Trace, Disney XD, Africa Magic Urban, MTV, BBC Brit, Studio Universal HD, 

MNET Movies Action, MNET Movies All Stars, Ebony Life TV, WWE Channel HD, National Geographic, Sky News, Discovery ID HD, ROK, TNT Africa, BET, etc.

There are so many interesting channels on this bouquet. If you love entertainment, then this package got you covered. There are some HD channels included in this bouquet.

When you newly set up a DStv decoder, this is the entry package that comes along with it. It used to be for about ₦10,000 for the decoder and plan. Subsequently, you can now subscribe to a different plan of your choice.

DStv Confam Package Price: ₦4,615 per Month

The DStv Confam Package costs ₦4,615 for a monthly subscription.

The Confam Package has similar features with the DStv Family bouquet that was discontinued. With about a hundred and twenty channels, you can get to know what is happening around you and in the international scene.

This package is superior to the DStv Access, so all its channels are available. Some of the extra channels are SuperSport HD 7 & 8, MTV Base, BBC Lifestyle, Africa Magic Epic, Universal Channel, ESPN Classic, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Food Network, ROK2, Fox, MNET City, CNN, etc.

The Confam Package has more channels available than the DStv Yanga. It is one of the cheapest packages provided by MultiChoice Nigeria. 

DStv Yanga Package Price: ₦2,565 per Month

The DStv Yanga Package costs ₦2,565 for a monthly subscription.

The Yanga Package has some similar channels with DStv Access. However, there are over 90+ channels available with foreign and local content. Some of the extra channels in this plan are MTV Base, ROK2, RealTime, Africa Magic Epic, etc.

The DStv Yanga is one of the latest offers from DStv that was included towards the end of last year. The difference between the Yanga Package and the discontinued Access Package is not so much. 

Personally, I do not understand the reason for the replacement. But the fact is Yanga brings a little more to the table. Hence, it brings “yanga.” 

DStv Padi Package Price: ₦1,850 per Month

The DStv Padi Package costs ₦1,850 for a monthly subscription.

DStv Padi bouquet is DStv cheapest plan to get English content in Nigeria. The plan provides more than forty channels for subscribers. You can watch local TV channels as well as foreign TV channels. 

Some of the channels available are Africa Magic Yoruba, Africa Magic Hausa, Africa Magic Igbo, Jim Jam, Channels TV, NTA News 24, Spice TV, Telemundo, BBC World, Mindset, NatGeo Wild, CNC World, etc.

Yes, you can watch Telemundo on DStv Padi Package. For those that like Spanish movies, Telemundo is available. It is one reason my female colleagues are always talking about DStv. 

As an entry-level1 package, there other channels that are not available. The package is not suitable for sports lovers as SuperSport is not available. However, there are audio channels you can enjoy in the plan. 

DStv French Touch Package Price: ₦1,510 per Month

The DStv French Touch Package costs ₦1,850 for a monthly subscription.

The DStv French Touch package is for those that understand the French language, as most of the contents are in French. Do not go and subscribe simply because the plan looks cheap. There are French-speaking nationals in the country that seem to enjoy the plan. 

There are limited channels on this plan. It consists of less than 10 channels. If you want more French channels, then you would opt for the French Plus package or French Toast package.

DStv French Plus Package Price: ₦6,520 per Month

The DStv French Plus Package costs ₦6,520 for a monthly subscription.

The DStv French Plus package is also for subscribers who understand the French language. However, it is more like a premium plan for French-speaking individuals in Nigeria. There are more channels o. The French Plus than the French Touch package.

The package contains 13+ French channels.

DStv Indian Package Price: ₦5,540 per Month

The DStv Indian Package costs ₦5,540 for a monthly subscription.

The DStv Indian package provides several popular Indian channels for viewers. For an Indian International missing home, this is a package that they can turn to. With this package, you’d be informed about what is happening in India. 

There are 14+ channels available on the Indian package. 

DStv Access Package Price: ₦2,000 per Month (Discontinued)

The DStv Access Package has been discontinued. It used to cost ₦2,000 for a monthly subscription.

On this package, there were over 85+ channels available. It was a mix of local and foreign TV channels. Nigerian channels like AiT, Silverbird, NTA, etc were available. International channels available included BLITZ and Aljazeera. 

DStv Family Package Price: ₦4,000 per Month (Discontinued)

The DStv Family Package has been discontinued. It used to cost ₦4,000 for a monthly subscription.

The Family Package was a lot similar to the Access package. If only had a few channels more. There were over 100+ channels available in the package. It had all the local and forge in channels that were available on the Access plan.

DStv Explora Decoder

DStv Explora Decoder is one of the latest from MultiChoice Nigeria. The user experience is great, as it is different from previous decoders as it offers HD services for users. Think about a situation when you had a DStv Package with HD channels, but your decoder does not support HD.

Note: DStv Explora Decoder is a HD PVR decoder.

That is one of the problems that the DStv Explora Decoder solves. An interesting part of the decoder is that you can record over 200+ 1TV programs. But that’s not all. You can also use the decoder to access the Internet and decide whether to stream or download with it.

The contents downloaded on the Decoder can last up to 2 days. However, after that duration, it would be unavailable. There’s the DStv Catchup for contents you might have missed and the BoxOffice for the latest releases.

How Much is the DStv Explora in Nigeria? (Price in 2021)

The DStv Explora is sold for ₦29,000 without installation. While with installation it can cost up to ₦36,500. Please note that there might be a slight difference in price depending on the MultiChoice office that is closest to you.

For the complete set of DStv Exploration Decoder, it would cost about ₦50,500. That includes installation kits such as LNB, cables, dish, etc. If you buy the plan from Decoder, there is a free month subscription attached to it.

The offers available on Jumia usually add either the Premium, Compact Plus, or Compact packages.

  • Explora + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription + Smart LNB (₦38,200)
  • Explora + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Compact Plus Subscription + Smart LNB (₦33,400)
  • Explora + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription + Smart LNB (₦29,500)

While for the HD decoder, it comes with the following packages:

  • HD + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription (₦18,400)
  • HD + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Compact Plus Subscription (₦13,500)
  • HD + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription (₦9,950)
  • HD + Dish Kit + 3 Months DStv Access Subscription (₦9,900)

DStv SD & HD PVR Decoders

There are other SD and HD PVR Decoders that are available. However, to watch a program on DStv, you need to have a Decoder, a smart card, LNB, Satellite dish, and be subscribed to a package.

The two common DStv decoders are Explora Decoder and the HD Zapper Decoder. Hence, because DStv runs on subscriptions, there is a level of encryption between your decoder and the satellite.

When you pay for a subscription on DStv, you are in effect paying for your access to the channels. Your payments are logged into your smart card. Hence, it can begin the transmission of channels to your decoder.

Dstv Pay per View

Over the past weeks, social media users have been clamouring for a DStv Pay Per View (PPV) service. Currently, there are no packages that support DStv Pay Per View in Nigeria. However, there have been two sides to the debate. Last week, the House of Reps panel complained over DStv high tariff and requested for ‘pay-as-you-go’ subscription.

Many are of the opinion that a DStv Pay As You Go model would be too expensive for Nigerians. But due to the availability of such plans in other parts of the world, some Nigerians are demanding for it.

Would you prefer a pay-per-view service?

DStv Channels List

There are so many channels available on DStv. We have curated the DStv Channel list in 2021. From the list, you would understand why DStv is the best cable service in Nigeria.

There are some high-quality channels that are available on DStv and a mix of bang average ones. When you want to watch a live event, listen to the news, watch a movie, or a documentary, you would find tons of channels.

DStv Premium Channels List

DStv Premium is the most expansive package available on DStv. Well, that also makes it the most comprehensive package. There is no other package with more channels than this plan. There are close to 180 channels that are available.

The channels available are classified into news, sports, children, entertainment, and documentary. However, there are much more other contents provided on this package.

Here you will find the channel list of this premium package. The most popular TV channels as well as the category they calm into are also mentioned.

The DStv Premium Channels List:


  • SuperSport 1
  • SuperSport 2
  • SuperSport 3 (HD/SD)
  • SuperSport 4 (HD/SD)
  • SuperSport 5 (HD/SD)
  • SuperSport 6
  • SuperSport 7
  • SuperSport 8
  • SuperSport 9
  • SuperSport 10
  • SuperSport 11 (HD/SD)
  • SuperSport 12 (HD/SD)
  • Super Sport Blitz


  • Soundcity
  • MTV Base
  • TRACE Mziki
  • Hip TV
  • TRACE Naija
  • AFRO Music English
  • Planet Radio TV


  • Boomerang
  • Cartoon Network
  • Cbeebies
  • Disney
  • Disney Junior
  • Disney XD
  • JimJam
  • Mindset
  • Nick JR
  • Nickelodeon
  • NickTOONS

News and Commerce

  • Al Jazeera
  • Arise News
  • BBC
  • Bloomberg Television
  • CNBC Africa
  • CNC World
  • CNN International
  • eTV Africa
  • Euro News
  • EuroNews German
  • SABC News
  • Sky News


  • Crime Investigation Network
  • Discovery channel
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • National Geographic Channel
  • The History Channel

Entertainment and Movies

  • Africa Magic
  • Africa Magic Epic Movies
  • Africa Magic Hausa
  • Africa Magic Igbo
  • Africa Magic plus
  • Africa Magic Showcase
  • Africa Magic World
  • Africa Magic Yoruba
  • B4U Movies
  • BBC Brit
  • BET International
  • CBS Reality
  • CNBC Africa
  • Comedy Central
  • Discovery Family
  • E! Entertainment Television
  • Ebony Life TV
  • Eva
  • Eva+
  • FOX
  • FOX Life
  • Galaxy TV
  • ITV Choice
  • Lifetime Entertainment
  • Maisha Magic Bongo
  • Maisha Magic East
  • M-Net Action
  • M-Net City
  • M-Net Movies
  • M-Net Movies Action+
  • M-Net Movies Premiere
  • M-Net Movies Smile
  • M-Net Movies Zone
  • M-Net West
  • MTV
  • ROK
  • SONY Entertainment Television
  • SONY Max
  • Studio Universal
  • Telemundo
  • Trybe
  • Turner Classic Movies
  • Universal Channel
  • Vuzu
  • Vuzu
  • Vuzu Amp
  • Zee World


Entertainment and Movies41
Lifestyle and Culture6
Local TV12
News and Commerce14

DStv Compact Plus Channels List

The DStv Compact Plus offers a variety of channels to subscribers. Well, it is my favourite subscription of them all. The plan is also less expensive than the Premium plan.

There are 174 channels available on the DStv Compact Plus package.

Here is the DStv Compact Plus Channels list:

Entertainment and Movies41
Lifestyle and Culture6
Local Channels12
News and Commerce14

For a list of stations look under the Premium package above.

DStv Compact Channels List

The DStv Compact plan offers uses access to roughly 151. People prefer to opt for this plan more in Nigeria. There are so many good channels available for the price.

Here is the DStv Compact Channels list:

Entertainment and Movies37
Lifestyle and Culture6
Local Channels1
News and Commerce12

For a list of stations look under the Premium package above.

DStv Yanga Channels List

Here is the DStv Yanga Channels list:

Entertainment and Movies30
Lifestyle and Culture6
Local Channels1
News and Commerce10

DStv Padi Channels List

Here is the DStv Padi Channels list:

Entertainment and Movies25
Lifestyle and Culture6
Local Channels1
News and Commerce8

DStv Family (Discontinued)

The DStv Family bundle has been discontinued. However, it used to offer about 108 channels for about ₦4,000.

Here is the DStv Family Channels list:

Entertainment and Movies27
Lifestyle and Culture4
Local Channels12
News and Commerce13

DStv Access (Discontinued)

The Access bouquet is another plan that has been discontinued by DStv. The plan used to offer about 90 channels to users for a monthly subscription of ₦2,000.

Here is the DStv Access Channels list:

Entertainment and Movies19
Lifestyle and Culture2
Local Channels12
News and Commerce12

DStv Indian Channels List

The DStv Indian package provides access to TV stations in India for subscribed users.

Here is the DStv Indian Channels list:

Entertainment and Movies5
News and Commerce2

Free Channels on DStv

DStv offers a free channel when your subscription expires. However, this is a local free-to-air channel, NTA 2.

Once your subscription expires, you will not be able to receive exciting TV channels. Initially, some channels may be available freely for a few hours, but with time all DStv channels, except NTA 2 will no longer be available until you pay your subscription.

To avoid losing your viewing, visit any DStv outlet two days before your payment due date to make your payment.

Your subscription will be renewed automatically if you pay on time. You can also renew online at QuickTeller, OPay, JumiaPay, and other payment platforms.

DStv Nigeria Customer Care Information: Address, Email, & Website

DStv Customer Care (Lagos Office)

AddressPlot 1381, Tiamiyu Savage Street; Victoria Island, Lagos State.
Phone number(+234) 0803 900 3788
(+234) 01 270 3232
Fax01 270 3256

DStv Customer Care (Port-Harcourt Office)

Address157B, Tombia Street, G.R.A, Phase 1, Opp. Polo Club, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
Phone number(+234) 0706 418 9827
Fax0803 708 1338
0703 400 1274

DStv Customer Care (Abuja Office)

AddressLegion House, 3, Kaura Namoda Street, Area 3 Garki, Abuja.
Phone number(+234) 01 234 7291
(+234) 01 234 7292
Fax01 234 7295

DStv Nigeria Email Address

Email addressdstv@nigeria.multichoice.co.za
Email addressdstv@mwebnigeria.com

DStv Nigeria Toll-Free Lines

DStv has toll free numbers that all MultiChoice users can call for free. Whether you are using Etisalat, Glo, Airtel, or MTN, there are numbers for you to call.

If you have questions regarding DStv Nigeria Packages Prices and Plans, you can call any of the numbers. For those interested in talking to DStv customer care in Benin and Port-Harcourt, you can also call as well.

Here are the toll-free lines:

9mobile (etisalat)09090630333

Final Thoughts on Best DStv Package

The best DStv Package in my opinion is the Compact Plus package. Well, I may be a little bias because I’m a lover of football. Hence, what you love to watch the most determines the best DSTV plan for you. The new Yanga and Confam plans also offer exciting channels.

Conclusively, we have been able to cover all DStv plans and prices and channels lists on the subscription packages as well. If you need further assistance, you can hit up the customer care numbers provided earlier.

Frequently Asked Question

The increase in DStv prices for packages is as a result of the increase in VAT charges. When VAT charges were increased from 5% to 7.5%, DStv also worked around increasing their own subscription costs. However, the changes took effect in July, 2020.

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