30 Best Football Prediction Sites (2021)

30 Best Football Prediction Site (2020)

Whether you are looking for the best football prediction site of the year or the most accurate football prediction site, there are a handful of websites available. There are wide ranges of games available to punters utilizing these platforms. 

These prediction sites forecast football matches by analyzing available data and studying previous similar events. In a case where the prediction comes through, this brings a positive return to the punters. Some of the sites also predict soccer games, basketball, horse racing, and a few other sports events.

When looking for a site that predicts football matches correctly, there are a lot of factors to consider. Although soccer prediction may be fun, the level of risk involved is very high. However, with diligence punters can try to get profit over a long term, instead of focusing on massive short term wins. 

The markets available on the betting website that you use also play a huge role. There are football prediction sites for first half draw, over 1.5, 2.5, big odds, and also in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Australia, Japan, and London, UK. When you find accurate predictions, then you are likely to win more.

Best 25 Soccer Prediction Sites (2021)

1. 1960Tips

1960Tips is a top-rated football prediction website that provides markets for commonly sought after options. With expertise in match analysis and provision on betting, they stand out amongst competitors. They have predictions on various odds, corners, both team to score, under and over 1.5, under and over 2.5, etc.

This website was created for punters with the desire to make profits. The match analysis and betting tips are provided for free. On average, they make about 25 posts on their blog every week. 

 2. Adibet

Adibet is another betting platform that should not be overlooked. They offer free soccer prediction to their users. If you are a punter, this is one website you can check out. You can simply modify their games to suit your taste. 

3. BetEnsured

BetEnsured is definitely one of the football prediction websites out there. They have a wide variety of markets that have been analysed by their in-house experts. They provide betting tips on achieving 2 odds, 3 odds, 4 odds, and so on.

As a subscriber to this website, there’s a possibility that you can make some money with them. On average, they post 2 well-researched betting articles every week on their blog. 

4. Betro Betting Tips

Betro Betting Tips as the name implies is home to soccer predictions. They provide soccer tips, predictions on their blog. Although they do not post all the time, they try to offer value when they do. On average, they post 29 posts every year. That’s about 2+ posts per week. 

5. Betgenuine.com

BetGenuine provides free football analysis and prediction users. When it comes to experience, we discussed with a user who mentioned how resourceful they can be. They have footballers’ markets on major football leagues. 

BetGenuine provides football odds on under/over markets, both team to score, team to win, etc. On average, they make a post every week. 

6. Bet Gurus Home

Bet Gurus Home is another soccer prediction site that made it to our list. This is one website that tries their best to be accurate. As their name indicates, they pride themselves as prediction gurus. The information available on the website is free. 

BetGurusHome.com also have interactive sessions where visitors share their own analysis and prediction to other users as well. On average, they make a post on their blog every day. 

7. BetShoot

BetShoot is another website that makes daily football predictions. Users have attested that they have over 80% success rate. Due to the high rate of wins, users may be tempted to increase the amount used in placing bets. However, diligence is needed.

BetShoot provides betting for punter’s favourite markets. On its blog, you will find betting tips on under/over markets, team to win, etc. 

8. BetZodiac

BetZodaic is another interesting prediction website that should not be overlooked. The platform utilises algorithms, current statistics and sporting events in order to make accurate predictions. They also claim to have connections in the sports industry where they are able to get firsthand information from other colleagues in clubs and various leagues. 

BetZodaic is one of the few sites that claim to use insider information in making their betting decisions. As a result, one should expect that they have high success. Well, we do not have remarks from users at the time of reading. 

On average, 2 posts are posted on BetZodaic on a daily basis. 

9. Confirm Bets

One thing certain about punting is that nothing is sure. However, Confirm Bets are known for providing soccer predictions to users around the globe. They have been in the sports industry for some years now. 

On average, they make a post every day on their blog. 

10. Football 24

Football 24 is a website that actively tries to provide relevant information in the sports industry. They provide live results on matches that are played in different leagues and countries.

They also provide team statistics and fixtures that users can use in order to make well-informed decisions. There is a lot of valuable information provided by this website. 

11. ForeBet

ForeBet is another football prediction website that made it to our list. This website has data that can be used in making predictions. They provide timely information on teams in top leagues and national competitions. 

ForeBet has a daily prediction segment which is one of the features appreciated by its users. With its daily prediction, users can decide the team to put their money on and even make a little modification on their betting slips. When it comes to coverage, there’s information on many leagues. 

12. Forecaster Blog

This is a blog for punters that want to make some money. They provide betting tips for football matches that translates to some money. If you want the best sports prediction for football matches for today or tomorrow, this is a website that you should check out. 

On average, they put out 17 posts every year. Hence, there are weeks where they are no soccer predictions. 

13. Main-Bet

Main-Bet is a betting website that does more than what the average site does. On this website, you will find free match previews. This preview contains match analysis for good football betting decisions. 

The founders of Main-Bet is located in Australia, and they provide information that is valuable to punters. The website contains predictions for different football leagues, including a few lower leagues. 

On average, 4 posts are posted on main-bet.com every day. Although higher than the average for the category, they claim they strive at quality over quantity. 

14. Match Plug

When you need a plug for movies, you talk to someone that likes to watch a lot of movies and have a high taste. Likewise, when you need a plug for football predictions, there is the Match Plug. 

Match Plug is not limited to only football. They provide betting tips for NBA and tennis predictions. That is an All-in-one pack. 

On average, they make a post per month on their blog. 

15. Mighty Tips

Mighty Tips is a prediction site that believes in satisfying the content needs of their subscribers. They provide betting tips and valuable predictions for a wide variety of sports events. Although a majority of their predictions are in football, they also make general sports predictions. 

Mightytips.com provides succinct help match analysis that increases their user retention. Their analysis is well detailed and they include match reviews. On average, they make 29 posts every day. 

16. Moneymaker Soccer Predictions

Not your average money-making site, but one to make you some money with soccer predictions. They provide predictions on several football events with an in-depth analysis.

On average, they make 4 posts per day. 

17. Predictz

Preditz provides a lot of match predictions, that a punter can simply select to play the one he or she likes. Over the years, they have earned the trust of a number of punters. Their match predictions are arranged in such a way that provides good user experience. 

On Predictz website, you will find some analysis on football, free football tips, from of the teams, league tables, results of recent matches, and a lot of other statistics. You can use the tools available on the website to make your own well-informed betting choices. 

18. Soccer Platform

The Soccer Platform is another accurate football prediction site. They have been around for more than 5 years. We’ve heard from some of the subscribers of the website and they had good things to say. Their picks and predictions stand out in the crowded industry. 

On average, they make 6 posts every day. 

19. SoccerPunter

SoccerPunter is one of the best football prediction websites. In order to keep their users informed of what’s happening in the sporting world, they also provide sports news. In addition, they have stats on teams. 

SoccerPunter is a solid punting platform. They have an edge over some of their competitors. They have a growing fanbase as a result of their high success rate be the years. However, the website only provides betting tips to premium subscribers. And the subscription is not so friendly to a new punter. 

20. Soccer Vista

Soccer Vista is one of the most visited soccer prediction sites. They have a growing fanbase, with thousands of monthly visitors. They provide analysis and a head to head comparison between teams. Those interested in playing bets involving EPL teams find the site very helpful. 

21. SoloPredict

SoloPredict is another growing prediction website. They provide a wide range of markets for the average punter. When you need football tips, this is one website that delivers. Their soccer predictions help to make the research done by punters less stressful. 

On average, they put out 30 posts per year. 

22. StatArea

StatArea is a database that you can consult before making your betting selections. On the website, you will find recent stats, the current form of teams, and anything that would make winning achievable. When you have much information at your disposal, then you are likely to make predictions likely to occur. 

When we asked a user why he likes StatArea, he said it was because it was easy no navigate and the UX was simple. Hence, even the user registration process is seamless on the platform.

23. SurePredicts

The goal of SurePredict is to help users to make money with the information available on the website. With their analysis, tips, and predictions, that is likely to occur. Their predictions also cover diverse market options. Hence, users will always find familiar betting markets. 

On average, they put out a post everyday. 

24. WinDrawWin

WinDrawWin which can easily be translated as either Team A wins, both team draws or Team B wins. This soccer prediction site is used by many in different parts of the world. They have a history of predicting accurate match scores. Well, but that is not always certain. 

WinDrawWin also has markets that are unavailable on other prediction websites. For example, they make predictions on yellow and red cards and also the number of corner kicks. 

25. ZuluBet

ZuluBet is one of South Africa’s most popular football prediction site. The website provides betting tips and suggestions which you can modify to your choice. The betting tips provided are usually relatable. Hence, they probably know their onions. 

ZuluBet is easy to navigate. If you need a hive of predictions for major football leagues around the world, then you know where to head to.

Best Football Prediction Sites in Nigeria

1. Safe Draws

Safe Draws is one of the most used football prediction sites in Nigeria and other parts of the world. When it comes to football predictions, they strive to provide games with low risk. Hence, users are likely to follow through with their forecasts.  

A number of punters we discussed with ranked Safe Draws as the best football prediction site in Nigeria and one of the best in the world. Well, that’s something interesting. They claim to provide accurate football tips that would help users in more winnings. 

Their prediction covers a wide range of markets, ranging from under 1.5 goals, under 2.5 goals, under 3.5 goals, over 1.5 goals, over 2.5 goals, draws, half-time, full-time, both team to score, accumulators, handicap, double chance; with games over 2 odds, 3 odds, 2 odds, etc.

Their predictions cover over forty leagues in the world. Hence, they are one of the betting tips experts with such service. 

2. OyaPredict 

OyaPredict is a go-to soccer prediction website. They offer free predictions to users. They also offer features that are not available on other prediction websites. For example, they have the off-the-pitch and on-the-pitch events.  

Similar to other prediction sites, they cover markets, such as draws, half-time, full-time, both team to score, accumulators, handicap, under 1.5 goals, under 2.5 goals, under 3.5 goals, over 1.5 goals, over 2.5 goals, double chance; with games over 2 odds, 3 odds, 2 odds and so on.  

3. BetPera 

BetPera is a prediction website with an attractive user interface. Hence, users have a good experience and are able to easily navigate the site. They also have a good number of predictions. For local markets, they have odds that appear to be appealing to punters.  

BetPera.com is one site that users have attested to their proficiency over the years. They provide precise information on highly demanded league matches. A majority of the popular leagues are covered. Whether it is the Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga, they got you covered.  

One thing the users of this website like is its use of recent trends and streamline analysis to forecast the outcome of matches. They have a high win ratio. But well, nothing in the punting world is certain.  

If you need a football prediction app, then you should check out their app.  

4. Tips180 

Tips180 is a website that provides football tips. They provide tips and analysis to over fifty leagues, including the top-rated ones. They have Bundesliga prediction la, Serie A predictions, EPL predictions, Ligue 1 predictions, etc.  

While for the lower leagues, they have Segunda League predictions, Serie B predictions, and Championship predictions. They try to cover as many sporting events across several continents. Their predictions are organised according to betting markets. Hence, a punter can easily predictions on markets they are familiar with.  

They also try to predict the scoreline of matches, and the possibility of a player to score. 

5. VictorsPredict  

VictorsPredict one of the best football prediction site in Nigeria. They offer a diverse range of options for punters. The website is optimised both for mobiles and desktop users. When it comes to information on sports gambling, they tend to deliver relevant predictions.  

VictorsPredict provides markets for accumulators, draws, double chance, handicap, double chance, both team to score, under 1.5 goals, under 2.5 goals, over 1.5 goals, over 2.5 goals, 2 odds, 3 odds, etc.  

This website also covers analysis of matches in over 30 football leagues.  

The Bottom Line 

There are so many accurate football prediction sites out there. If you want the best, you have to give attention to every detail on the website. Their method of analysis, the way their source information, the data that they have on teams are some of the factors to give attention. 

Although football betting tips may be paid for at times, it does not guarantee success. They are situations were punters win thousands of dollars with free tips, while paid tips didn’t. There are no guarantees when it comes to the life of a punter.  

Caveat: This is a review post, we do not endorse any of the betting platforms and apps that are listed in this article. We encourage that you do your due diligence before using any of these platforms.

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