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God is Good Motors: Price List, Online Booking & Terminals (2021)

God is good Motors price list

God is Good Motors (GIGM)

God is Good Motors, GIGM, is one of my favourite transportation companies in Nigeria. It isn’t surprising that they are amongst the leaders in the logistics business.

If you need the updated God is Good Motors price list for 2021, the location of their bus parks (terminals) and how you can make an online booking, then you’ve made the right choice coming here.

When it comes to having terminals or bus parks around the country, GIGM are amongst the transportation companies with the most motor parks. They have terminals in Abuja, Akwa-Ibom, Anambra, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Enugu, Imo, Lagos, Kaduna and Rivers state.


Many Nigerians, like myself, enjoy the exquisite services rendered by the company. They are the pioneers of online booking of buses. Which is similar to booking a travel ticket to use the plane. Likewise, you can book a bus ticket online by visiting the official website (https:// gigm. com).

There exist another means to patronize Good is Good Motors; via the GIGM app. Some decades back, who would’ve thought that a transportation company in Nigeria would have a mobile app, definitely not me.

This disrupted the transportation industry on it’s arrival, and it was initially difficult to sell the use of mobile apps. However, it has become a daily saviour to lots of users.

When you board a GIGM bus for the first time, you’d notice that the bus is new, unlike some transportation companies. Good is Good Motors has a policy to sustain the use of new buses across all outlets in the country.

Or better still tear rubber buses, as some call it. For the few older buses, they are well maintained. So they appear decent overall. God is God Motors doesn’t stop there.

Additionally, they’ve partnered with some travel agencies in the country. As a result this collaboration, they are able to organise tours for anyone that would like to explore the country. Whether you are a tourist, or you just want your family to have a good time, they got you.

In this guide, you will find relevant information about God is Good Motors (GIGM). Their modus operandi, their services, and the price list for their various routes. This is the most comprehensive guide you will find online. They are quite reliable and reputable.

History of GIGM

God is Good Motors is the most popular transport company in Nigeria. The company started operations in 1998, and you know the rest. It’s been interesting to watch the growth from inception.

God is Good Motors was founded by Deacon Edwin Ajaere and his wife Mrs. Stella Ajaere. They company began operations in the ancient city of Benin, and the buses could only go to neighbouring cities.

When they started the company, it was run as a family business. That made the expansion process a bit slow, but the growth could easily be seen.

In the year 2009, the founder, Deacon Edwin Ajaere was assassinated. As a result, other members of his family had to cater for the business. Some months later, Chidi Ajaere, the first son of the deceased, assumed head of management.

He was based overseas, but had to return home shortly after the sad incident. Other members of the family were give key roles. Recently, the name of the company was changed to GIGM, with “GIGM.com” labelled in the company’s properties.

Since Chidi became the boss, he has been utilising progressive technologies to improve the services the company renders. You can see that in the adverts, mode of operation, and the complete rebranding.

Today, GIGM is a highly rated transport company, not only because of its services, but also because of the technology being used. God is Good Motors is indeed a household name when it comes to transportation business in Nigeria.

The head office of God is Good Motors is located in Benin city, Edo state. It has branches in the busiest cities in Nigeria. In some states, it has over 5 branches.

GIGM Services

  • GIGM charter services
  • Haulage services
  • God is Good Motors logistics
  • Vehicle and spare parts provision

Traveling With God is Good Motors

If you have not traveled with God is Good Motors, then you are missing out. I have friends that wouldn’t enter any other bus, they’d plead that I help them request for tickets online when they are traveling to spend some days over here.

In order to travel with GIGM, you will need to get a ticket from a bus park, or you can book online; via the website or on the mobile app. The app is sleek, you will have no troubles with navigation. As for the website – gigm.com, it has a responsive user interface.

GIGM treats their drivers differently, they refer to them as Captains. The drivers usually put on a uniform that suit the name. They have a speed limit of 110 km/hr. This is lower than the average speed limit of Nigerian transport companies.

Their buses also have functional AC’s, it’s usually not a case of “gas don finish” with them. Also, some of the buses have tinted windows, while others have blinds. Sun rays wouldn’t be a problem while you board with them. You would enjoy your journey, no matter how long it is.

Like its competitors, the drivers play cool music during rides. I don’t know if I’m the only one that likes to listen to music while traveling, but I guess not. Music usually help me relax, and that’s what you get with every patronage.

When they are not playing music, they play entertaining programs – clips from comedy shows, extracts, etc. In some buses, they have screens to watch the programs.

According the company, here are some other services that are rendered by God is Good Motors; charter services, cab services, haulage, and sales of vehicles and spare parts. You can also buy a bus and enlist it for the company to manage.

God is Good Motors (GiGM) Location in Nigeria

There are several branches of God is Good Motors across the country. In this article, we have indexed all the branches of GIGM in Nigeria. Also included is the prices for various destinations from one GiGM terminal to another. The company offers comfort and luxury, so you would enjoy every bit of it.

GiGM also have branches in the North, you can find the cost of travelling from one southern state to a northern state, and vice versa. There are a number of factors that may influence the cost of your travel: which include the time of your departure, the type of bus, and the terminal you prefer.

GiGM is amongst the few transportation companies that offer premium buses for rides. You can ride on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter, that is usually for VIP customers. The premium rides are more comfortable and spacious.

I would recommend it if you traveling to a distant destination. While Toyota Hiace buses are used for regular rides. They are very affordable.

If you have any question regarding their ticket price, you can contact them online or reach out to their contact addresses.

God is Good Motors Price List (2021)

From Aba, Abia ToPrice
Utako, Abuja₦4,250
From Auchi, Edo ToPrice Range
Ajah, Lagos₦5,450 – ₦6,750
Iyana Ipaja, Lagos State₦5,500 – ₦5,900
Utako, Abuja₦4,900 – ₦5,500
From FCT, Abuja ToPrice Range
Asaba, Delta State₦5,400 – ₦8,850
Awka, Anambra₦5,500 – ₦9,500
Enugu₦4,750 – ₦7,900
Festac, Lagos State₦6,500 – ₦10,900
Owerri, Imo State₦5,750 – ₦10,000
Port Harcourt, Rivers State₦6,500 – ₦7,500
Warri, Delta State₦5,150 – ₦9,900
From Lagos ToPrice Range
Aba, Abia State₦7,900 – ₦9,900
Auchi, Edo State₦6,150 – ₦7,950
Awka, Anambra₦8,150 – ₦8,500
Enugu₦7,900 – ₦8,900
Kaduna₦8,750 – ₦10,500
Owerri, Imo State₦7,500 – ₦10,450
Port Harcourt, Rivers State₦8,150 – ₦9,500
Umuahia, Abia State₦7,900 – ₦10,450
Utako, Abuja₦10,200 – ₦11,900
Uyo, Akwa Ibom₦8,200 – ₦9,150
Warri, Delta State₦5,900 – ₦8,450
From Uyo, Awka Ibom ToPrice
Ajah, Lagos₦5,500
Utako, Abuja₦5,500
From Yenagoa, Bayelsa ToPrice
Ajah, Lagos₦5,050
Utako, Abuja₦7,250

The data presented here is regularly updated. Last Update: 30-06-2021

God is Good Motors Online Booking

God is Good Motors is one of the earliest transportation companies to incorporate online booking. They leverage on the technology while it was still new in the industry. The online bookings and seat reservations makes it one of the most preferred transport company in Nigeria.

You can book for God is Good Motors online. As mentioned earlier, you can use either the website or GIGM mobile app. It offers one of the best online services for a transport company. Usually, when business executives opt to use road transportation, they use GIGM. The app is available for Android and iPhone users.

You may be wondering how you can book God is Good Motors online. Well, you can do this with your phone or computer. The provision of online booking makes it possible for individuals to make travel plans days before the time. Which is very similar to booking air tickets.

How to Book God is Good Motors Online With Mobile App

Step 1: Download GIGM Mobile App From Google Play Store or Apple Store.

If you use an Android phone, you can download the app by visiting this link: play.google.com/store/apps/ gigm

Step 2: Click “Book a Bus”

After opening the app, on the homepage, select “Book a Bus”.

Step 3: Select “One Way” or “Return”

You can decide to select “One Way” or “Return” depending on your preferences.

Step 4: Choose Where You Are “Travelling From” and Where You Are “Travelling To”

“Travelling from” is the current location (closest God is Good Motors park) where you would like to board a bus, while “Travelling to” is your destination (a location in the state).

Step 5: Input “Departing On” and “Travellers”

You can select your travel date by clicking on the “Departing on,” and the number of persons you are booking for by “Travellers.”

If you’re travelling alone, you can simply select “1” passenger. While if you are going with children, there’s also a space to indicate the number of children.

Step 6: Click “Search” to Find Available Buses.

After clicking search, you will be directed to a page that shows available buses. The information on the page includes your destination, departure times, number of available seats, pickup option and the cost.

Step 7: Choose Your Preferred Bus

When you select your preferred bus, you will be taken to a page showing seat options.

Step 8: Select Your Preferred Seat

Empty seats are shaded. If you have any health issue, it is recommended that you consider sitting in the first or second rows.

Step 9: Click “Login” or “Continue Without Login”

You can choose to create a account an account to login or “Continue without Login.” Those are the two available options. Just so you know, there is a 10% discount if you are logged in.

Step 10: Select Payment Method

You can find this at the bottom of the page. When you click on it, you are redirected to the payment page that contains different payments methods.

You simply have to make the payments and you are done. You would have successfully booked a GIGM ride. But, if you do not have an account the “Select Payment method” redirects to a page that request more information.

Step 11: You Can Choose Pick Up or Terminal

You can choose to either get picked up from your residence or opt to visit the terminal and board a bus.

Step 12: Fill In Your Full Name, Contact Details and Next of Kin Details

It is important you fill those details in case of an emergency. After filling the page, non-registered users are then redirected to Step 9.

Note: When payment is successful, you can print out the ticket details. On your travel date, do well to take the printed ticket to the bus park. Relevant information is on the ticket.

Also, ensure your personal details; your full name, phone number and next of kin information are correctly filled.

How to Book God is Good Motors on GiGM.com Website

Step 1: Visit gigm.com

There you can decide to create an account or request for a ticket as an unregistered user. Booking on the website is seamless.

Step 2 to 12 is similar to booking in the GIGM app mentioned earlier.

GIGM Bus Parks, Terminals & Pick-Up Locations in Nigeria

God is Good Motors have several parks in Nigeria that also serve as pick up locations. They have a dominant presence in every part of the country. Their logistics company, GiG logistics is also highly rated for sending pastels. In every geopolitical zone, you would find a GIGM office.

Awka, AnambraElite Shopping Complex, Opp. Crunchies Fries, Enugu Onitsha Expressway08139851110
Enugu7, Market Road, Opp. State Library, Holy Ghost Park, Ogui08139851110
Kaduna South1, Bible Society Road, Near 911 Bakery (Samrada) Romi New Extension08139851110
Mando, KadunaLagos Garage08139851110
Owerri, Imo31, Relief Road Junction, Off, Egbu Road08139851110
Plateau, JosAngwan Soya Zaria Road Bypass, Opp. Jankwanu Bingham University Teaching Hospital08139851110
Uyo, Akwa3, Monsignor Akpan Avenue,
Itam Industrial Layout, Opp. Timber Market, Itam
Yenagoa, BayelsaOpp. Wema Bank, Kpansia, By INEC Junction08139851110

Here are more branches around the country, as well as their contact information:

GIGM Aba, Abia State

Aba5, Asa Road08139851110
UmuahiaNew Central Park, Ohia, Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway.08139851110

God is Good Motors Benin City, Edo State

AuchiAuchi-Okene Road,
by old staff Quarters, Auchi Poly.
EkpomaBenin-Auchi Expressway, Ekpoma, Opp. Grail Centre.08139851110
Head Office, Ugbowo202B New Lagos Road, Near Technical Road, Opp. Uselu Market08139851110
Oredo12 Akpakpava, by 1st Junction08139851110

The head quarters of God is Good Motors is located at Benin City, Edo State. It can be found along the busy New Lagos road. There is also a hotel owned by the company for its passengers that need a place to lodge. Next time you travel to Benin for a visit, you can even decide to lodge there in the hotel.

GIGM Delta State

AsabaAsaba-Onisha Expressway, By Head-Bridge.08139851110
Warri138, Effurun Sapele Road, By Airport Junction08139851110

God is Good Motors FCT, Abuja

KubwaBlock 43, Gado Nasko Way, Opp. 2/2 Court08139851110
MadallaNear Mobil Filling Station, Kaduna Express Road08139851110
MararabaAbuja-Keffi Road, by Abacha Junction, Nyanya-Mararaba, Opp. Chrisgold Plaza & Oando filling station.08139851110
UtakoPlot 113, Utako District08139851110
ZubaMarket Space 206, Zuba Market08139851110

The terminals in Kubwa, Maraba, Utako and Zuba are all listed above along with the contact information for each.

Being the capital of the country, there is so much activities in the city. It is a mix of people from various parts of the country that have come for business purposes, relaxation or simply just for residency. The transportation company doesn’t leave these ones out.

The location of Abuja in Nigeria’s map makes it an important place for a transportation company to have a park. It links some nothern states with other parts of the country. The Abuja branch of GiGM tries to satisfy the needs of the inhabitants in the city, as well as a few neighbouring states it doesn’t have a branch in.

God Is Good Motors Lagos

AjahNear Police Station, Ajiwe Ajah08139851110
Cele103, Okota Road08139851110
FestacFestac Gate Bus Stop08139851110
Ikotun29, Ikotun Road, Opp. Ikotun LG, Ikotun Bus-Stop08139851110
Iyana-Ipaja164, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Near Diamond Bank08139851110
Jibowu20, Ikorodu Express Road08139851110
Lekki1, Wole Ariyo Street, Off Admiralty Way, Near First Bank08139851110
Old OjoOld Ojo Road, By Police Station08139851110
VolkswagenVolkswagen Bus Stop08139851110
YabaYaba Central Park, Opp. Psychiatric Hospital08139851110

This is a list of the terminals in state. You can find all the necessary contact information; addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. So you know how to reach them.

It’s no news that Lagos is the most populous state in the country. And that means business for GiGM. It is the state that they have the most parks in, numbering over 100 motor parks. They ensure the safety of their passengers from Lagos to places across the country.

God is Good Motors Port Harcourt, Rivers

Port Harcourt228, Aba Road, By Bori Camp, Near INEC Office08139851110

Port-Harcourt is another major hub in the south south region. The hustle and bustle lifestyle can be seen around the country. There are so many individuals there that want to travel to other parts of the country, and that’s where GiG comes to play.

Tips to Enjoy Your Travel With GiGM Buses

Be Punctual

GiGM are strict with their rules. It is recommended that you check-in the right time. You have to get there before the bus leaves, because they’d hardly wait for a single passenger.

When you think you will be unable to make it, and would prefer to have the journey rescheduled, you would be charged N1,000 additional fee for the reschedule. After rescheduling a journey, you have to wait for an available bus, and check for the empty seats on the bus.

Modifying Seat Reservations

There situations where the company can modify your seats reservation when made in advance. Unforeseen circumstances may require that on the departure date seats be slightly modified if a different bus is used for rescheduling. Since the rescheduling is at a result of the company’s circumstances, it doesn’t attract extra charges.

Limit on luggage

There’s a limit on the amount of luggage a passenger can carry. For a guest/ticket, a person is entitled to a medium-sized luggage with the specification of 30”x22”x15. Any luggage above this specific is not accepted, that is is because the comfort of its passengers is the priority.

When you have a luggage that is far bigger than that, you have two options. You can either pay for an extra seat to store it, or use the logistics arm, GiG logistics, to convey your luggage.

Irrespective of the size of your luggage, it is recommended to use leather or fabric luggage when traveling as opposed to plastic ones. This is to make it easier to arrange it in the bus.

In order to avoid harassment or queries from the Nigeria Custom Service, God is Good Motors do not aid in conveying some food items, such as a bag of rice. While for other fragile items, users are advised to hold them. This includes; electronically appliances, laptop, tablets and television.

Highly volatile materials are also not accepted. You can not convey agrochemicals, building materials, gas cylinders (empty or not), generators, fuel in gallon, herbicides, pesticides, etc. While GiG logistics may convey some of these items with lower risk.

When you have a luggage on the bus, you have to keep a watchful eye. Items are stored at owners risk.

Pick Up Option

While requesting for a ride online, the pick-up option is usually highlighted. It is available for to only light travelers. When your luggage is not so big, you can request that you get picked from your home. If you are not present at home, or you do not come to the terminal, your ticket will be rendered void.

Children Discounts

GiGM offers amazing discounts for children. Some of us would want to be kids again, lol. There is a 50% slash on tickets that are purchased for children. However, there is a clause to this:

  • The age range is between 2-10 years.
  • The children would be in the company of an adult.
  • An adult can travel with a maximum of three children.

On departure, the adult (or parent) will provide relevant identification documents to validate the child. When there’s no valid ID, the discount is withheld.

One adult is allowed to travel with a maximum of 3 children.

Forgotten or Misplaced Items

In GiGM terms and conditions, there is a clause that they won’t be held responsible for misplaced items. They are stored at owners’ risk. However, if a missing item is found, it will be available for pick up within 30 days. After 39 days, the item will be confiscated. For perishable goods, they will be disposed immediately.

God is Good Motors Customer Care Line and Contact Information

Customer care line: 08139851110
Live chat: app.purechat.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gigm.co
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GIGMobility
Website: http://gigm.com/

Headquarter: 202b, New Lagos road, close to Technical road junction, Benin city, Edo state
Contact: 08150846945 or 08139851110
Email: contact@gigm.com

Final Note

In this article, we have covered the latest information on God is Good Motors online booking, history, services, price list 2021, and bus parks (terminals). When you need their services, you know where to turn to. The interesting thing about the company is that you’ll enjoy similar services whether you book online or you go to a physical park.

GiGM is one transport company I’ve used for so many years. Edwin Ajaere will be proud with how far his son has taken this project. He has written the company name in the minds of Nigerians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of God is Good Motors?

God is Good Motors was owned by the late deacon Edwin Ajaere, who ran the company till his demise in 2009. After the sad event, his eldest son, Chidi Ajaere came to the rescue. He has turned the small transport business into a standard transport company.

What makes GIGM stand out?

GiGM stands out as a result of its rebranding from God is Good Motors to GiGM.com. The technology it uses, and the flexibility and ease at which it conducts business does as well. Over the years, the company has gotten numerous amount of awards for its reputable services.

The awards are; Best Customer Service company, Distinguished Gold Service Award for Excellence in Road Transport Management, Road Transport Company of the year, and much more. All notable awards in the transportation industry.

Where is the headquarters of GIGM?

GIGM head quarters is located in Benin city, Edo state. That was the city that the business initially started. Currently, the company has expanded to over 10 states across the country. It has about 29 bus parks that are in those states.

The number of buses owned by GIGM is one of the largest fleets owned by a transport company in Nigeria. As at the time of writing, there over 500 buses in company’s fleet.

What are some services of God is God Motors?

Some of GIGM other services include; charter services, haulage services, God is Good Motors logistics and the sale of spare parts. While for transportation, GIGM is present in more than 10 states and over 29 terminals in Nigeria. That shows that the company does more than just transport.

Can I change my booking details after paying online?

Yes, you can change your booking details in GiGM after paying online. However, you would have to contact a customer care to assist you in doing so, as you cannot from your end. In order to change any information, you can call GIGM online booking support center at 09087342709.

Can I check the ticket fares without buying a ticket?

Yes, you can check tickets fares on GIGM without buying one. You simply have to follow the steps that are mentioned in this article. Since you are not buying one, no need to input payment information when you get to that page.

How can I know my booking has been successfully recorded?

If your booking is successful on GIGM, you account will be subsequently deducted with relevant amounts. You may also get notifications from your bank, either through text message or emails.

Where can I get my ticket of booking online?

The tickets for online reservations is usually sent to your email after a successful booking. So you will find it in your mail inbox. It contains all the information regarding your trip. You need to print the mail, in order to present at a terminal.

Who can I contact for support in case of problems when booking online?

You can call 09087342709 or send an a to contact@gigm.com, and a customer care will reach out to you when you explain your worries. For cases of misplaced booking reference code, you can call the above number for support.

What happens if I lose my booking reference number?

If you lose your booking reference number, simply contact GIGM’s online booking support on 09087342709 or send a mail to contact@gigm.com. They will reply as quick as possible.

Can I cancel my online booking after payment?

You can cancel your online booking after payment, but note that GIGM has a no refund policy. The tickets can simply be saved to use at a later date, but within a 30 day limit.

Do I have to pay more for rescheduling my booked trip?

Yes, when you reschedule a trip on GIGM, you are required to pay the sum of ₦1,000.

How can I view schedules of GIGM buses?

You can view bus schedules on GIGM, when you input your intended terminal and check the buses that are currently on schedule.

Why is seat number 2 always unavailable?

The seat number 2 is reserved for passenger’s luggage. However, when there is no luggage, a passenger who desires to seat there during a trip can be given. It’s usually given to the first to indelicate interest.

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