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Message Center Number for all Network Operators

Message center number for all operators

Message Center Numbers for all Operators in India!

You may be looking for the message center number of your network operator. Well, we have taken some time conduct a research on the message center numbers of all telecommunication operators in India.

For some time now, a lot of our readers have complained about having messages not sent issues. If for some reason you notice any message not sent issues, here is an article to help solve that problem.

For instance, you have tried reaching a friend or an acquaintance by sending a message which has automatically be cancelled. Or you believe that the message configuration settings of your device has been compromised. You would need to change your message center number.

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Below you will find the message numbers of all states in India. You would need to replace the message center numbers with regards to your network operator to successfully fix the message not send issues.

Once you have identified the message center number with respect to your state, we have also outlined in this article easy steps on how to change the sms center number on your Andriod device. So sit back and relax while we bring the information to you.

Message Center Numbers For All Operators

Network OperatorMessage Center Number
Aircel SMS Center Number+919809099060
Airtel SMS Center Number+919895051914
BSNL SMS Center Number+919440099997
Idea SMS Center Number+919847099996
Jio SMS Center Number+917010075009
Reliance SMS Center Number+919020000500
Tata Docomo SMS Center Number+919032055002
Telenor SMS Center Number+9084051550
Vodafone SMS Center Number+9846000040

Latest Airtel Message Center Numbers all States in India

StateAirtel Message Center Number 
Andhra Pradesh SMS Center Number+919849087001
Assam SMS Center Number+9198180230015
Bihar SMS Center Number+919831029416
Chatisgarh SMS Center Number+919845086020
Delhi SMS Center Number+919810051914
Gujarat SMS Center Number+919831029416
Jammu SMS Center Number+919845086007
Jharkhand SMS Center Number+919845086020
Karnataka SMS Center Number+919845086007
Kashmir SMS Center Number+919845086007
Kerala SMS Center Number+919810051905
Kolkata SMS Center Number+919845086007
Madhya Pradesh SMS Center Number+919845086020
Maharastra SMS Center Number+919898051916
Mumbai SMS Center Number+919898051916
Orissa SMS Center Number+9198180230015
Punjab SMS Center Number+919815051914
Rajasthan SMS Center Number+919815051914
Tamilnadu SMS Center Number+919898051914
Telangana SMS Center Number+919849087001
West Bengal SMS Center Number+919932029007

Latest Idea Message Center Numbers all States in India

StateIdea Message Center Number
Andhra Pradesh SMS Center Number+919848009198
Assam SMS Center Number+919848009198
Bihar SMS Center Number+919848009198
Chatisgarh SMS Center Number+917314031414
Delhi SMS Center Number+918744000198
Goa SMS Center Number+919822012345
Gujarat SMS Center Number+919086046198
Haryana SMS Center Number+919086046198
Himachal Pradesh SMS Center Number+919086046198
Jammu SMS Center Number+919086046198
Kashmir SMS Center Number+919086046198
Madhya Pradesh SMS Center Number+919086046198
Maharastra SMS Center Number+919086046198
Mumbai SMS Center Number+919702000198
Karnataka SMS Center Number+919804099026
Kerala SMS Center Number+919847112345
Kolkata SMS Center Number+919848009198
Orissa SMS Center Number+919848009198
Punjab SMS Center Number+919848009198
Rajasthan SMS Center Number+919887010198
Tamilnadu SMS Center Number+919092000198
Telangana SMS Center Number+919848009198
Uttar Pradesh East SMS Center Number+918576000198
Uttar Pradesh West SMS Center Number+918941000198
West Bengal SMS Center Number+919093100198

Latest Jio Message Center Numbers all States

StateJio Message Center Number
Andhra Pradesh SMS Center Number+919885005444
Assam SMS Center Number+917010075009
Bihar SMS Center Number+917010075009
Chatisgarh SMS Center Number+917010075009
Chennai SMS Center Number+917010075009
Delhi SMS Center Number+917010075009
Gujarat SMS Center Number+917010075009
Haryana SMS Center Number+917010075009
Himachal Pradesh SMS Center Number+917010075009
Jammu SMS Center Number+917010075009
Jharkhand SMS Center Number+917010075009
Kashmir SMS Center Number+917010075009
Madhya Pradesh SMS Center Number+917010075009
Mumbai SMS Center Number+917010075009
North East SMS Center Number+917010075009
Karnataka SMS Center Number+917010075009
Kerala SMS Center Number+917010075009
Kolkata SMS Center Number+917010075009
Orissa SMS Center Number+917010075009
Punjab SMS Center Number+917010075009
Rajasthan SMS Center Number+917010075009
Telangana SMS Center Number+917010075009
Uttar Pradesh East SMS Center Number+917010075009
Uttar Pradesh West SMS Center Number+917010075009
West Bengal SMS Center Number+917010075009

How to change SMS center number on an Android device

Here is a an easy way change your SMS center number;

Step 1: Launch the messaging app and select the menu bar available on the mobile device

Step 2: Go to Settings > Advanced Settings.

Step 3: croll down to see the message center number option provided.

Step 4: Enter the exact message center number given above with regards to the network operator and state.

Step 5: Tap the SMS center number option available in the form of a list.

Step 6: Now you have successfully changed the SMS center number on your Android device.

Step 7: Restart your device to be sure the new settings has taken effect.

Method 2:

If your Android device doesn’t have the message center option available, then you can find out what it is by using the second method given below

Step 1: Type ##4636## on the dial screen of your device

Step 2: Select Phone information.

Step 3: Scroll down and select the SMSC setting.

Step 4: Press Refresh to see the current setting.

Step 5: Restart your device to be sure the new settings has taken effect.

If you discover that the message center number that pops up on your phone doesn’t tally with the one given in this article, then you’ll have to change it to the correct one and click the “Update” button.

Note: If you are using Android 2.3 and above you will receive an error prompt saying “update error.” Therefore, you must enter the UDP number that is embedded on your device. In other words, you’ll have to use the first method to perform any change.

Closing Comment

As always, we are here to provide you with relevant information pertaining to your needs. Nothing should hinder you from virtually reaching out to people especially in this period of social distancing. The above list will be updated regularly to incorporate the latest SMS or message center number currently been used by the various network operators.

Nevertheless, if you are encountering troubles while changing the message center number, feel free to leave a comment. Or you could call customer care helpline, 198.

They would be glad to assist you in resolving any issue you have. You could also call them for inquiry. That is it for now. Staye safe and positive, adios.

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