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Send Free Text Messages Online (No Registration Required)

Send free sms online, no registration

Send Free Bulk SMS Online Without Registration!

Are you wondering how you can send free text messages online without registration? Well, we are glad to inform you that you’ve come to the right place.

There are circumstances where you would need to reach a loved one and you are out of airtime. Other times, you may want to simply send messages with a device that only have internet connections, which can be challenging.

The use of smartphone is rapidly increasing, so we can easily reach our loved ones like never before. We send text messages (sms) to people we care about, to let them know how we feel about them.

However, charges on international text messages could pose a problem. You may also want to send bulk text messages to friends, either to invite them to an event or to thank them for coming.

There are several social media platforms to chat with a person, even so, not everyone is on social media. Our elderly parents are most often not interested in using them.

That is why people still prefer to send text messages to them. There’s a solution to all these worries – learning how to send free text messages online (no registration required).

Sending Free Text Messages Online Without Registration

Whether you are a smartphone user, tablet user, or even computer user, you can send free text SMS messages online wherever you are. If you want the text messages to come from an anonymous source, there are also websites for that purpose.

The intention of writing this article is to familiarise you with some free platforms you can use to send text messages. Some of them require no registration, while a few others do.

These websites would save you the money and time needed to purchase airtime to send a text message. Also, there are some tricks you can use to send free text messages on Airtel and MTN, we would be including one of those in the writeup.

Send free text messages online no Registration

10 Websites to Send Free Text Messages (No Registration)

There are several websites that claim to send free SMS online with no registration required, but we would be analysing the best of the best. In some of these websites you can send as many messages as you want. They are chronologically listed below;

  1. 160by20
  2. AFreeSMS
  3. ICQ
  4. OpenTextingOnline
  5. SendSMSnow
  6. SendAnonymousSMS
  7. SSInfos
  8. TextForFree
  9. txtDrop
  10. TextEm

The above listed websites and platforms can be used to send free text messages online without registration. While others require registration and can be used to receive text messages as well.

Also, some of these platforms offer premium services, but the free versions still work effectively. Don’t hesitate to send free SMS online!


160by20 is the first on the list, and one of the easiest to use. If you live around Asia, and you need to send bulk sms to people, then you should definitely try out 160by20. It is one of most commonly used free sms service in Asia.

Yes, if you live in United Arab Emirates (UAE), then you are also covered. With 160by20, you would need to do a registration with your email address and phone number. There’s no cause for alarm anyway, they’re probably doing this to reduce spam on their server.

As a result of the sign up feature, 160by20 does not exactly fall into websites that can be used to send text messages online without registration. They need your phone number during their registration process to easily synchronise your contact list.

To be honest, it makes the process easier. And also, you make the website recognize that you are a real person. It is quite similar to WhatsApp in sending text messages, but more like a web version.

The challenge with the website is that you cannot send international messages, it only support local text messages. If you are a fan of fancy layouts, then you would really find it alluring.


It is not recommendable to upload your contact data online due to the security threats it poses. As a result of its intrusiveness, it may be best explore other free messaging platforms. Another demerit it has is its regional constraints.


Do you want to send free instant text messages online with no registration? Yeah, with AFreeSMS you can send instant text messages. It also allows you to send anonymous messages. No matter where you live, you can try this platform out. If it works, it works.

When you open the website for the first time, you would be shown a map of the world – a really beautiful one. That is how it reveals the regions that it supports. With this platform, you can send text messages to a variety of persons, but it has a limited number of characters in a message.

How to Send Free Text Message Online With AFreeSMS

Step 1: Visit afreesms.com

Step 2: Choose the recipient’s country

Step 3: Input the phone number of the recipient

Step 4: Fill the provided field with your text message

Step 5: Solve the captcha and hit the send button

Note: A text message cannot contain more than 160 characters on this platform.


ICQ works well on iPhones, Android and computer devices. A list without of messaging platforms without ICQ is incomplete. It was one the earliest companies in the industry, and it has shown that it still got what it takes to be here.

You do not need to subscribe to a service to make use of the ICQ platform, what you need is just an internet enabled device – smartphone, tablet or PC. You can also access the software either on its mobile app or via website.

It cannot be considered a means to send text messages without registration, because it requires some personal information.

An interesting part of the platform is in its text message field, it offers some features that are not available on other platforms. On ICQ, you can send some fancy stickers and even banners. Another good thing about it services is that it uses an actual number, not dummy numbers.

Free online text messages for your loved ones
Send free text messages online to your loved ones.


OpenTextingOnline is a platform that doesn’t require your personal information to send free text messages online. You can send messages without registration. There’s no limit to the number of messages you can send with the platform. So, it is one we would recommend for sending bulk text messages.

There’s a long list containing the network providers that are accepted on OpenTextingOnline. It supports about 50 network operators around the globe. If you are in Europe or North America, you would probably see your operator.

For countries like India, New Zealand and Panama, you can also make use of OpenTextingOnline. In some of these countries, not all network providers are supported.

The premium version of OpenTextingOnline offers a wider range of services to its users. The service is better and faster, but doesn’t mean the free version is not effective. You can use whatever plan depending on your taste.

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to sign up to send free text messages online with the app. As a result of that, you cannot receive replies from people you sent text messages to. That’s sad, but not much of a big deal. It’s a similar situation with most services that offer free text messages without registration.

There is a maximum number of characters that can be in a text message you send with this platform. A text message cannot be more than 140 characters if you are using the free version, but on the premium plan there is hardly a limit. That is one merit the premium plan has over the free version.


SendSMSNow is another platform that you can use to send free sms online. When you open the website, it looks more like a chatting platform. So, you can send and receive text messages. That means it requires some sort of registration. You cannot send free text messages without registration, but you can use a wrong number for registration if you mind.

If you are visiting the website for the first time, you are required to sign in with your email and phone number. Then, after creating an account, it uploads your contacts to the platform.

You can then proceed to start sending free text messages to friends and loved ones. It works in the United States, and some other regions. With SendSMSNow, you can send free text messages in Nigeria as well.

SendSMSNow is similar to 160by20 and ICQ, as all three platforms require a registration to send free text messages on the internet. It offers some other services, but with little charges.

How to Send Free Text Messages Online With SendSMSNow

Step 1: Visit SendSMSNow website

Step 2: Select the recipient country

Step 3: Sign up for an account with valid or invalid details

Step 4: Input the recipient’s phone number in the spaces provided

Step 5: Write your text message in the text field provided and hit the send button

Send anonymous SMS


This is another platform that allows you to send text messages without registration. It is a good alternative to the aforementioned services. So, if all the platforms we have discussed are unavailable in your region, you can try out SendAnonymousSMS.

We actually do like the name – it literally explains what it does. With SendAnonymousSMS, you can send text messages without revealing who you are. If you like to be anonymous, then this is for you.

The website does not reveal any public information of its users. If you want to goof around with your friends, text them anonymously with this tool. SendAnonymousSMS make use of random numbers when sending text messages to its recipients.

You can also choose the number that you want the text message to come from. So, if you want to goof around, you can simply use another friend’s number. Text messages cannot easily be linked to you.

On the other hand, try not do something illegal with this service, although the lines may seem blurry. You have to be very careful, because it may turn into a legal issue.

Like the previous platforms we have talked about, SendAnonymousSMS has both free and premium services. As you would expect, it has a longer threshold for text messages sent on the premium plan.

How to Send Free Text Message Online With SendAnonymousSMS

Step 1: Visit SendAnonymousSMS website

Step 2: Select the recipient country

Step 3: You can input the number that you want the text message to come from

Step 4: Input the recipient’s phone number in the spaces provided

Step 5: Write your text message in the text field provided and hit the send button

SS Infos

SS Infos is an online advertising agency that also provide several other internet services. One of the services available in the platform is to send free sms online. You can also send bulk text messages with this platform.

When it comes to sending free sms online, you definitely do not want to rule out SSInfos. They are like most platforms that are used to send free text messages on the internet without registration.

It is not so difficult to comprehend. Therefore, we won’t be dwelling too much on it. They have paid services that are non-refundable, so you have to read their terms religiously.


If you want to send text messages for free, then you should consider using TextForFree. The name says it all. It offers free sms services and a few other services. You may be required to sign up on the platform, but it is to enable you can receive text messages as well. It’s one of the best out there!

You can also send anonymous text messages with the platform, and it works flawlessly – unless in some regions that it has some bugs. The platform offers services that are free and legal as well.

The only challenge with the platform is that it works only in the United States. We would have loved it even more if it works outside as well. But you could try with a VPN.

If you subscribe for a premium service, then you would be able to send text messages in bulk. The free version doesn’t support bulk messages. You can also schedule messages on the premium version.

How to Send Free Text Message Online With TextForFree

Step 1: Visit TextForFree website

Step 2: Input the recipient’s phone number in the spaces provided

Step 3: Write your text message in the text field provided and hit the send button

Note: Text messages are limited to 150 characters. If you want to send a longer text message, you can break them into bits.


txtDrop is a major player in the industry, with about 10 years of improved services. According to the information released by txtDrop, they have millions of users. Their users have used the platform in sending over 30 million messages. That’s a really big platform indeed.

txtDrop has services that makes them stand out amongst others, you can receive text messages without registering. That sounds so weird, yeah we know. You may be wondering how you would receive these messages.

When you visit txtDrop for the first time, you are required to leave your email address. That is where the replies are sent to. Yeah, you can receive free sms online.

You also send text messages with txtDrop plugins. So, you actually do not need to visit their website to send a free text message. Also, there are txtDrop widgets that can be installed in websites to be able to send free text messages.

You may be wondering how txtDrop does all these for free. Yeah, they are Ad-based, so they generate profits from adverts. Nevertheless, the bad news is that it works in only a selected few places – Canada and United States. If you want to use this platform outside that region, it’s a no-no.


Unlike txtDrop, you need to register an account on TextEm to send a free text message. It is quite reliable, but it doesn’t fall exactly into the send free sms without registration category.

The website has a good user interface and doesn’t take much time to load. If you want to send free text messages without your information, you would have to register with fake details.

TextEm mostly work in US and UK, and due to their regulations that is why it requires registration to start sending text messages. Simply sign up with an email address, it could be your actual email address or a dummy one. They simply want to verify that you are human.

Another challenge with TextEm is that it does not have a bulk SMS feature. So, you can not send many messages at a time. Also, the regulatory laws makes your messages not so secured. But, the good thing is that you can receive text messages on the website. The text messages are not sent to your email.

How to Send Free Text Message Online With TextEm

Step 1: Go to textem.net

Step 2: Write out the phone number of the recipient.

Step 3: Write your email address in the next box

Step 4: Choose the carrier of the recipient

Step 5: Type the text message in the provided field

Step 6: Solve the captcha and hit the send button

Online free text messages
Online free text messages can be very useful, in case of an emergency.

Final Note

A majority of the services reviewed used to send free text messages online without registration are able to receive free text messages and send SMS anonymously. You can make use of these services on your phone, tablet and computers. In choosing which of these platforms to use, you may consider where the recipient is based, whether you want be able to receive replies and if you need an anonymous service.

In accessing some of these websites, you need a good browser. You can make use of Chrome, Samsung Internet and Safari. Opera mini and other data-saving browsers may not display all the features of the websites. If you were wondering how to send free text messages without registration, we hope we were able help out.

If you have any question regarding sending free SMS online to mobile, leave your worries as comments. We would respond as soon as possible. Conclusively, this article would be updated regularly.


Some of the websites listed in this article claim that they do not log IP addresses of their users. As at the time of writing this article, we were unable to verify that. We advice that you employ due diligence before using any of these platforms. Although, some of these platforms confirm that they do log IP addresses, they asserted that it is done to manage spam and abuse on their platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can text someone from my computer for free?

Similar to the use of phones in sending text messages, you can use your computer to send free text messages online. You can send free text messages online without registration on your device.

There are several platforms and websites that were covered in our article. Some of these platforms allow you send anonymous free text messages ( with no registration required) on your computer.

Note: All that is required to send a text message with a computer is a good internet connection and a good SMS platform.

The platform to send free text messages online includes: 160by20, AFreeSMS, ICQ, OpenTextingOnline, SendSMSnow, SendAnonymousSMS, SSInfos, TextForFree, txtDrop and TextEm.

The content of the text message should be between 100 to 160 characters. In the earlier parts of this article, we explained these tools in details.

How can I send an anonymous text message?

You can send an anonymous text message to your friends, associates and family members with the use of some free sms services.

If you want to prank a loved one with an anonymous text message and you don’t want them to know where the text is from, you can make use of TextAnonymousSMS. It works within the United States, and does not require any personal information from you.

How can I get free SMS on Airtel?

Do you know that you can send free sms on Airtel? Now, you do. If you are an airtel subscriber, you can send sms messages without registration by using a code. There is a similar service on MTN.

It is usually used to send emergency text messages when you are out of airtime on Airtel. Sadly, it works only within the Airtel network. So, you cannot send emergency messages to a user outside the network.

To send a free sms on Airtel, do the following:

Open your Message app.

Before writing your message, write: #freesms 12345 + your intended text message in the message field.

In the recipient field, write 55444. And then, hit the send button

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