Baba Ijebu Results: Today, Yesterday & Tomorrow Predictions

Baba Ijebu lotto

Baba Ijebu Results for Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow Predictions | Pay Me My Dou | Baba Ijebu National Result | How to Check Premier Lotto Result

Wondering where to see Baba Ijebu result for 2020? Well, these lotto games are becoming very common. Baba Ijebu is a common form of lottery in Nigeria.

The games are usually interesting and filled with much suspense. Winners go home with the rewards, and losers go home sad but with the hope that they’ll win someday.

The good news is that there are so many winners who have received their winning prize in Nigeria, which suggest that the company won’t default upon winning. An individual feels so fortunate with such a win.


In this article, we will be covering a broader aspect of Baba Ijebu lotto, and answering questions like; what is baba Ijebu? How can I play the game? And how to check baba ijebu results?

With continuous updates, we are aiming to make this the best and up-to-date source for Baba Ijebu results for today, yesterday, and tomorrow predictions. We have also included past winning numbers for our users to make well-informed choices.

The results contained in this article were gotten directly from Baba Ijebu headquarters. While the lotto predictions are recommended by experts. However, note that you cannot find leaked Baba ijebu numbers on the Internet.

Also, included in this write-up is Baba Ijebu game for today pathfinder and Baba Ijebu (today) morning game results. We are certain to provide regularly updated results. Additionally, you would also get Baba Ijebu pay me my dough fortune result, as well as Baba Ijebu Results for Diamond.

Here are a list of other games that we may feature when more experts have come on board;

What is Baba Ijebu?

Baba Ijebu is a type of lottery; that is drawing numbers at random, and the individuals with the lucky numbers get a prize. Interestingly, in Nigeria Baba Ijebu is endorsed by the government and licensed under Lagos State Lotteries Board.

Baba Ijebu is also known as Premier lotto. The company started in 2001 and has grown to become a favourite to many Nigerians. Hence, the reason it is the biggest lottery platform in Nigeria.

The company has ties with the french lottery authorities. That has also helped in ensuring they strive to meet market’s standards.

To help you understand how Premier lotto has grown, it has over 16,000 sales representatives that are supervised by about 200 agents. If you compare that with a betting company, you would see the difference.

Baba Ijebu Game

Although fraudsters have tried to mimic Baba Ijebu pattern over the years, the company has strived to be the best. They do well to pay winners when due. The games are provably fair and open, so every user has a chance to win a good amount of money.

There are also live draws that are held every week. If you would like to participate in Baba Ijebu love draw, then you have to head over to Premier Lotto heard quarters at 112, Funsho Williams Avenue, Ojuelegba, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. If you are interested, you can visit them for more information.

Every week there are 23 games that are available. The different games have different names. They are Club Master, Lucky G, MARK II, Royal, Super, Diamond, Fairchance, O6, Peoples, Fortune, Lucky, Bingo, Bonanza, Enugu, Metro, Midweek, MSP, Gold, Tota, International, Jackpot, Premier King, VAG, National, etc.

Well, National is the most popular and it is played every Saturday. People play in lotto shops around the country. Currently, the highest amount ever paid to a participant is 120 million naira.

Baba Ijebu Result for Today, Yesterday, and Past few days

Here are Baba Ijebu winning numbers or result for today, yesterday and a few days ago;

Date & TimeBaba Ijebu Lotto GameBaba Ijebu Winning Numbers
25 May 2020, Mon (9:45am)Diamond Result5022141617
25 May 2020, Mon (12:45pm)Peoples Result6622563162
25 May 2020, Mon (3:45pm)Bingo Result3372825644
25 May 2020, Mon (7:15pm)Metro Result159126890
24 May 2020, Sun (12:45pm)Mark II Result2857136678
24 May 2020, Sun (3:45pm)Enugu Result1358428390
23 May 2020, Sat (9:45am)King Result7854245920
23 May 2020, Sat (12:45pm)Super Result2877537588
23 May 2020, Sat (3:45pm)Club Master Result167443902
23 May 2020, Sat (7:15pm)06 Result1122698566
23 May 2020, Sat (7:15pm)National Result14586392
23 May 2020, Sat (10:45pm)Fairchance Result6782617980
22 May 2020, Fri (9:45am)Royal Result9581122
22 May 2020, Fri (12:45pm)Metro Result6421761110
22 May 2020, Fri (3:45pm)Gold Result2141284386
22 May 2020, Fri (7:15pm)Jackpot Result1174484215
22 May 2020, Fri (7:15pm)Bonanza Result261255377
22 May 2020, Fri (10:45pm)VAG Result4161755574
21 May 2020, Thu (9:45pm)Peoples Result858011722
21 May 2020, Thu (12:45pm)Fairchance Result5119204585
21 May 2020, Thu (3:45pm)Diamond Result332888177
21 May 2020, Thu (7:15pm)International Result59761795
21 May 2020, Thu (7:15pm)Fortune Result614887824
21 May 2020, Thu (10:45pm)Bingo Result8384208581
20 May 2020, Wed (9:45am)Tota Result1168358873
20 May 2020, Wed (12:45pm)Mark II Result244219849
20 May 2020, Wed (3:45pm)VAG Result4240335078
20 May 2020, Wed (7:15pm)Enugu Result5138313478
20 May 2020, Wed (7:15pm)Midweek Result776434555
20 May 2020, Wed (10:45pm)Lucky Result57711872
19 May 2020, Tue (9:45am)Gold Result102797120
19 May 2020, Tue (12:45pm)06 Result802919343
19 May 2020, Tue (3:45pm)Jackpot Result7443722229
19 May 2020, Tue (7:15pm)Club Master Result2614611138
19 May 2020, Tue (7:15pm)G LuckyG Result733824185

As can be observed from the table, the data available is the most recent. The numbers reflected in the table are the Baba Ijebu results for today, yesterday and some days back. Those are the winning results. You can try to study and see if there is a pattern.

Baba Ijebu Past Results 2020

Date & TimeBaba Ijebu Lotto GameBaba Ijebu Result
30 Apr 2020, Thu (9:45am)Peoples Result537858781
30 Apr 2020, Thu (12:45pm)Fairchance Result237457272
30 Apr 2020, Thu (3:45pm)Diamond Result103326839
30 Apr 2020, Thu (7:15pm)International Result1839838612
30 Apr 2020, Thu (7:15pm)Fortune Result7858344543
30 Apr 2020, Thu (10:45pm)Bingo Result455412858
29 Apr 2020, Wed (9:45am)Tota Result1286637880
29 Apr 2020, Wed (12:45pm)Mark II Result8466454812
29 Apr 2020, Wed (3:45pm)VAG Result1214684637
29 Apr 2020, Wed (7:15pm)Enugu Result6860794222
29 Apr 2020, Wed (7:15pm)Midweek Result7716582825
29 Apr 2020, Wed (10:45pm)Lucky Result503634524
28 Apr 2020, Tue (9:45am)Gold Result2530546186
28 Apr 2020, Tue (12:45pm)06 Result4534867584
28 Apr 2020, Tue (3:45pm)Jackpot Result6842736453
28 Apr 2020, Tue (7:15pm)Club Master Result3218237279
28 Apr 2020, Tue (7:15pm)Lucky G Result7954107043
28 Apr 2020, Tue (10:45pm)Super Result179033749
27 Apr 2020, Mon (9:45am)Diamond Result620491913
27 Apr 2020, Mon (12:45pm)Peoples Result744075384

The table above are past results of Baba Ijebu winning numbers. The information posted above have been verified, but due diligence is required from our readers.

How to Play Baba Ijebu Lottery

To play Baba Ijebu Lottery like a pro, there are some things that you need to know. Also, there is a slight chance that anyone can win the jackpot, slight being the watchword.

That said, you can be that person. Depending on the particular game you would prefer to play. Here are some available games:


If you would prefer high rewards with lower risks, then you can go for 2sure (also known as NAP 2). You are to select just two numbers between 1 and 90. After you have selected a number, there are different ways to go about it. This is one of the most popular options that users play.

If the numbers you selected happen to be among the winning numbers, then you would be paid a multiple of 240 by your stakes. That means if you staked N1,000, you would be paid the sum of N240,000. That’s a whooping sum I must say!

Well, if only one of your numbers happen to be a winning number, then you will get no rewards. In order to win, the two numbers you selected have to be right.


Well, 3Direct is also known as NAP3. If you prefer to take more risk, then you can go for 3Direct. With Lottery, it is usually said that the higher the risk, the higher the possibility of winning big. In 3Direct, you pick three numbers between 1 to 90.

If the numbers you selected are all correct, the amount you staked will be multiplied with an odd of 2100. A N1,000 stake can earn you about N2,100,000. Well, like 2sure if all three numbers are not correct, then it is a loss.


NAP4 is similar to 2Sure and 3Direct. However, in this option you get to select four numbers. And it has a x6000 multiplier.

A N1,000 stake when won would result in a yield of N6,000,000. Yeah, the rewards increases with the risks, there exist a direct proportionality. All numbers selected have to be correct for you to win.


NAP5 is the “Baba of them all,” as some users often call it. Well, in this option you have to select 5 numbers, and it has a X44000 multiplier. If all your numbers are correct, then you’d get N44,000,000 for a N1,000 stake. Due to the high risk involved, people tend not to play this option so much.

2Sure (NAP2), 3Direct (NAP3), NAP4 and NAP5 are the most common Baba Ijebu options that people play. Majority of the people that frequent the lottery company prefer to play the 2Sure (NAP2).

If you are good with permutations, then you have a higher chance of winning. You can simply have a chain of numbers, if some of them are in the result, then you would end up winning.

How to check Baba Ijebu results (Winning Numbers)

You can check Baba Ijebu results with your smartphone. Although some results are present on this post, there are several other ways to check. You can get draw results right on your phone.

How to Check Baba Ijebu Results on Airtel, Glo & MTN

NetworkSMS Code to Check Baba Ijebu Result
AirtelSend the PIN on your PremierCard to 32240
GloSend the PIN on your PremierCard to 32240
MtnSend the PIN on your PremierCard to 07030000280

You can buy Baba Ijebu PremierCard from any agent nationwide. The card is needed for you to receive the daily result of the draws. There are more information available behind the PremierCard. You have to scratch the shiny grid to reveal your PIN number.

After sending you pin to the number mentioned on the table above, you would be notified that you are now subscribed to receiving results of draws on your phone. Subsequent text messages will reveal the winning draw numbers. If you happen to be a winner, instructions will be given.

Baba Ijebu Prize Opportunities

If you happen to be a winner on Baba Ijebu, it calls for celebration. The lottery company has several gameplay opportunities. And as result, there is a possibility to win a wide range of prizes. From selecting 2 numbers out of 90 numbers to selecting 5, there are countless permutations with window of opportunity to win.

Final Note

Baba Ijebu is no a new name, it has been around for a long time – close to 2 decades now. Nigeria Premier Lotto has made many Nigerians hopeful for a better future. Simply because a single draw could change a person’s life.

It stands out amongst several lotteries in the country. There are several options for users. You simply have to guess some numbers, and hope they appear in the draw.

The fact that there is no pool prize unlike betting, makes it attractive. The prize given to one user is independent of another user. There can be several draw winners. And winnings can easily be collected form payment centers around the country.

We are happy to have shared this tips with you. All things being equal, we would share with you some winning strategies that experts use to make a good amount from this platform. A money making game, as a friend would call it.

We would love you to share this post with friends and loved ones who are interested in learning about Baba Ijebu. You definitely do not want them to miss out. Sharing is caring!

How can I check my Baba Ijebu result on MTN?

Here is how to check your Baba Ijebu result on MTN;

Simply dial *755# on your mobile device and you would see a prompt that’ll notify you about the Baba Ijebu Mobile Gaming Service. Then you’ll be given an option to choose between the two most popular games on Baba Ijeb; NAP2, also known as 2Sure; and PERM2.

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