Top 20 Richest Lawyers in Nigeria and Net Worth (2021)

Richest Lawyers in Nigeria

The Richest Nigerian Lawyers!

The Richest Lawyers in Nigeria have been catalogued into our database. And we will be sharing their names and net worth in this article. These distinguished are problem-solvers and innovators, willing to assume new responsibilities and tackle new challenges.

Law is a well respected profession but it isn’t always as glamorous as universities paint it. While you read through this list, you’ll notice that most of these lawyers had to branch out of their legal profession. Securing a spot on this list requires wits, grits and diversity.

Being a lawyer is one of the most lucrative profession in today’s job market. Provided you have what it takes and the connections to project you, as it is with most professions.

Law can be conceptually and intellectually challenging both in school and in practice. However, it is also a personally fulfilling and financially rewarding profession.

Top 10 Richest Lawyers in Nigeria

Without further ado, here is a list of the richest lawyers in Nigeria, together with their net worth (Updated August 4, 2021);

RankRichest Nigerian LawyerNet Worth ($)Net Worth (₦)*
1Adewale Tinubu$750 Million₦300 Billion
2Babatunde Folawiyo$690 Million₦276 Billion
3Mofe Boyo$350 Million₦140 Billion
4Gbenga Oyebode$300 Million₦120 Billion
5Olatunde Ayeni$280 Million₦112 Billion
6Jimoh Ibrahim$250 Million₦100 Billion
7Afe Babalola$150 Million₦60 Billion
8Wale Babalakin$125 Million₦50 Billion
9Adewunmi Ogunsanya$120 Million₦48 Billion
10Babatunde Raji Fashola$45 Million₦18 Billion
11Yemi Osinbajo$30 Million₦12 Billion
12Wole Olanipekun$25 Million₦10 Billion
13Adebayo Ogunlesi$15 Million₦6 Billion
14Femi Falana$10 Million₦4 Billion
15 Joe Kyari Gadzama$10 Million₦4 Billion
16Kayode Sofola$5.7 Million₦2.3 Billion
17Odunayo Akeredolu$4.5 Million₦1.8 Billion
18Victor Ndoma-Egba$4.2 Million₦1.7 Billion
19Ademola Akinrele$4 Million₦1.6 Billion
20Abubakar Malami$2 Million₦800 Billion
21Olasupo Shasore$1.2 Million₦480 Billion
22Christopher Adebayo Ojo$1 Million₦400 Billion
*Foreign currency was translated using the official rate as at September 4, 2021.

These are the top earners in law profession in Nigeria. We’ve increased the scope of this list to cover more legal luminaries in the country. A brief review of their background, businesses and career is given below.

Disclaimer: Do note that the above net worth is an independent estimation based on autonomous valuation of properties owned and other relevant financial information that could be gathered at the time, which are subject to interpretation.

Additionally, note that the net worth of an individual doesn’t mean they have that sum in liquid form. Net worth isn’t a reflection of how much cash someone has in the bank, but a valuation of tangible and intangible assets (cash inclusive) owned, less liabilities.

1. Adewale Tinubu

Adewale Tinubu
NameJubril Adewale Tinubu
Net Worth$750 Million
BornJune 26, 1967
Lagos State, Nigeria
EducationLondon School of Economics
University of Liverpool (LL.B.)
Federal Government College
Relative(s)Alhaja Bintu Tinubu
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu
CategoryRichest lawyer in Nigeria
Post HeldGroup CEO (Oando PLC)


Adewale Tinubu is the co-founder and CEO of Oando PLC, formerly Ocean and Oil, and has guided the oil trading and shipping company to a fully diversified and integrated Oil and Gas Company. He is the richest barrister in Nigeria.

In 1994, he co-founded Ocean and Oil, with his friends Omamofe Boyo and Jite Okoloko. Later on, the oil trading company earned a reputation for effective delivery of service.

By November, 1997, Ocean and Oil had become the market leader in the supply and trading of fuel products and soon became a favorite among the indigenous oil firms.

Business Mogul

In 2000, the Nigerian entrepreneurs and lawyers Adewale Tinubu and Omamofe Boyo, founders of Ocean and Oil, acquired a 30% controlling interest in Unipetrol Plc.

This happened during the periods when Federal Government of Nigeria embarked on a privatisation exercise. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was the democratically elected President at the time.

In 2001, Ocean and Oil increased its stake in Unipetrol to by 12% through an irredeemable convertible loan stock issue. This increased their controlling interest to a total of 42%. It’s intriguing how Wale went from distributing oil for a company to owning the company he once worked for.

The following year, Wale led Unipetrol’s bid for a 60% stake of Agip Nigeria Plc, a rival petroleum marketing firm. This was the largest ever acquisition of a quoted Nigerian company at the time.

It is often said that if you can beat them you join them. Well, in this case Wale decided to own them. That is not to say he couldn’t beat them.

He could but the best way to eliminate a major competitor to make them work for you. That way you’re not only acquiring their resources but their trade secrets and strategies. Such synergy would make you formidable.

In 2003, the merged company was officially named Oando PLC, making the company the largest downstream petroleum marketing company in Nigeria. The name Oando was coined or derived from Ocean and Oil.

Over the years, Oando has been on a streak of acquiring companies under the leadership of Wale. One of the most prominent acquisitions occurred in 2014. In that year, Oando acquired the entire business interests of ConocoPhillips (“COP”) in Nigeria for a total cash consideration of $1.5 Billion.


Adewale Tinubu’s net worth is currently valued at $750 million, and famously dubbed “The King of African Oil” by Forbes magazine. In view of the foregoing, Adewale is the richest lawyer in Nigeria, and certainly one of the most influential lawyers in the country.

Adewale Tinubu gave one of his private jets to President Muhammadu Buhari during his campaign in 2015. He was shown gratitude after the election.

2. Babatunde Folawiyo

Babatunde Folawiyo
NameTijani Babatunde Folawiyo
Net Worth$690 Million
BornApril 12, 1960
EducationUniversity College London
London School of Economics
London School of Economics
(BSc. Economics)
Relative(s)Renie Folawiyo (Wife)
Wahab Folawiyo (Father)
Bolaji Folawiyo (Brother)
Toyosi Folawiyo-Johnson
Motunde Folawiyo (Sister)
Bayo Folawiyo (Brother)
Fatima Folawiyo (Sister)
Lanre Folawiyo (Brother)
Omowale Folawiyo (Sibling)
Yomi Folawiyo (Brother)
Lisa Folawiyo (Sister-in-law)
CategoryRichest lawyer in Nigeria
Post HeldNon-executive Director
(Access Bank PLC) [2005-2014]
Director (MTN Nigeria)
Managing Director
(Yinka Folawiyo Group)
Vice President (NAIPEC)
Chairman (Enyo Retail)
(Coronation Merchant Bank)


Tunde Folawiyo is the managing director of the Yinka Folawiyo Group, a conglomerate. He has some stakes in energy, agriculture, shipping, real estate and engineering. His father, Wahab Folawiyo, is a popular Nigerian businessman and Islamic leader.

In 1957, the company, Yinka Folawiyo Group, started as a commodity trading outfit by his father who passed on in 2008. Babatunde Folawiyo became the new boss that year.

The company’s oil exploration firm, Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum, owns a 60% controlling interest in an oil block that contains the Aje offshore field.

In October, 2005, Babatunde Folawiyo became a non-executive director in Access Bank PLC, and served in that capacity for nine years.

He owns minority stakes in the Nigerian bank and in MTN Nigeria, where he currently serves as a director. He owns 218,815,100 shares or 1.07% of MTN Nigeria, a shareholding that is worth N23.83 billion ($66.1 million) as at 2019.

Babatunde Folawiyo has an estimated net worth of $690 million. In 2014, Babatunde was included in Forbes Africa top 50 Richest Net Worth at number 39.

However, he was dropped off the list in the following year. Even so, Babatunde is one of the richest lawyers in Nigeria and definitely amongst the most influential lawyers in Nigeria.

3. Mofe Boyo

Mofe Boyo
Mofe Boyo
NameOmamofe G. Boyo
Net Worth$350 Million
BornMay 26, 1967
EducationKing’s College,
University of London (LL.B)
Relative(s)Nwakaego (Ego) Boyo (Wife)
CategoryRichest lawyer in Nigeria
Post HeldDeputy Chief Executive
(Oando PLC)
Member of the Board
(Gaslink Nigeria Ltd)
Member of the Board (WARCO)
(Quantum Voice Systems Ltd)


Omamofe G. Boyo, known as Mofe amidst his friends, is the Deputy Group Chief Executive of Oando PLC. Omamofe G. Boyo has an estimated net worth of $350 million.

Early days

Mofe started his law career with Chief Rotimi Williams’ Chambers, a leading Nigerian law firm, where he specialized in shipping and oil services and worked on several joint venture transactions between the NNPC and major international oil companies.

He was also a member of the team that represented the refineries in the NNPC judicial enquiry.

In 1994, Mofe and Adewale Tinubu co-founded the Ocean and Oil company, where he developed and managed the operations department. He was formerly appointed as Executive Director, Oando PLC, in July 2001.


Mofe was also involved in proposing draft legislation on the PSF bill, as well as amendments required to the PPRA Act. This is to enable a legal framework for the implementation of the subsidy scheme.

In 2004, Mofe provided advice and alternative models on the privatization of Oil & Gas assets in the Bureau of Public Enterprise.

From 2004 to date, Mofe has been the principal liaison between the industry, the regulatory authorities and the government on change and efficiency issues as they affect the downstream sector.

His bossom friend and business partner, Adewale Tinubu, was one of the biggest donors in the last presidential campaign that ushered in President Muhammadu Buhari.

In fact, his uncle, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, so profoundly appreciated Wale’s financial contribution to the campaign that he reportedly nominated Mofe as Minister of Petroleum.

He could not have nominated Wale because of their filial relationship. Due to unspoken reasons, Mofe’s appointment never happened.

Contrarily, despite this close relationship Wale, their wives, Bola and Ego, do not enjoy such relationship. They have never been seen together anywhere. That said, Mofe Boyo is one of the richest lawyers in Nigeria.

4. Gbenga Oyebode

Gbenga Oyebode Wealthiest lawyers in Nigeria
Gbenga Oyebode
NameOluwagbemiga ‘Gbenga’ Oyebode
Net Worth$300 Million
BornMarch 30, 1959
Ekiti State, Nigeria
EducationUniversity of Pennsylvania
Obafemi Awolowo University
Christ’s School, Ado Ekiti
Relative(s)Aisha Muhammed-Oyebode
CategoryRichest lawyer in Nigeria
Post HeldBoard Member
(Lafarge Africa PLC)
Board Member
(Green Africa Airways Ltd)
Chairman (CFAO Nigeria PLC)
Board Member
(Nestle Foods Nigeria PLC)
Board Member (Socfinaf)
Chairman & Co-founder
(Aluko & Oyebode)
Board Member
(Crusader Insurance PLC)
(CFAO Yamaha Motor Nig. Ltd)
Board Member (MTN Nigeria Ltd)
(Access Bank PLC)[ 2000 – 2015]
(Okomu Oil Palm PLC) [Former]


During the early stages of his law career, Gbenga Oyebode was employed by White and Case in New York City as an associate between 1982 and 1983.

Later on, he worked at Gulf Oil (now Chevron ) in Houston, United States.

He also worked at Ajumogobia, Okeke, Oyebode and Aluko (Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries) till 1992, after which he left the company with his friend Aluko.

In 1993, Gbenga Oyebode co-founded Aluko & Oyebode with Bankole Olumide Aluko, SAN. Which is a successful corporate and commercial law firm in Nigeria.

He is on the Africa Advisory Committee of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, the American Bar Association and the International Bar Association.

From 2012 to 2014, Gbenga Oyebode was the Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association’s Section on Business Law (NBA-SBL). On 30 July 2015, he retired as a Director and Chairman of Access Bank PLC after more than a decade of his leadership roles at the financial institution.

He is a board member at MTN Nigeria. Forbes reported that he owns 181,776,250 shares or 0.89% of MTN Nigeria, a stake valued in 2019 as N19.8 billion ($55 million).

He also has controlling interest at Okomu Oil, Crusader insurance, Nestle Foods, CFAO Nigeria and bunch of other companies.

Gbenga Oyebode is at the top four richest lawyer in Nigeria, and a very influential one at that. Gbenga Oyebode’s net worth is currently valued at $300 million.

5. Olatunde Ayeni

Tunde Ayeni
NameJohn Olatunde Ayeni
Net Worth$280 Million
BornApril 4, 1967
Kogi State, Nigeria
EducationAchievers University (Doctorate)
Ahmadu Bello University (LL.B.)
Kwara State Polytechnic (GCE)
Baptist Secondary School (SSCE)
Relative(s)Abiola Ayeni (Wife)
CategoryRichest lawyer in Nigeria
Post HeldChairman (ASO Savings & Loans)
Vice Chairman (IEDM)
Vice Chairman (NatCom Ltd)
Chairman (JKK Plc)
Chairman (Temple Resources Ltd)
Board Member
(Secure Electronics Tech PLC)
Member of the Board
(PPP Fluid Mechanics Limited)
Board Member
(Hightech Procurement Limited)
Chairman (Skye Bank)[Defunct]


John Olatunde Ayeni, also known as Tunde Ayeni, is a Nigerian lawyer, investor and businessman. As seen in the table above, he holds board positions on several lucrative companies in Nigeria.

He is one of the wealthiest and most influential lawyers in the country. Olatunde Ayeni has an estimated net worth of $280 million.

While serving his country as a fresh graduate, he worked with Professor S. A. Adesanya & Co., a firm of Legal Practitioners.

After his NYSC days, he worked with Rodco (Nig) Limited as the Legal Adviser from 1991 to 1994 after which he voluntarily left the company to start his own firm of Legal practice, Legal Resources Alliance.

Oluwatoyin Ayeni Educational Foundation

In 1999, Ayeni established The Oluwatoyin Ayeni Educational Foundation. The foundation awards tertiary institution scholarships to 25 bright students from his hometown of Iyah-Gbede in Ijumu, Kogi State, each year.

Business Tycoon

In 2000, Ayeni founded a bank called Bond Bank. Five years later, his bank merged with four other banks to form a new entity called Skye Bank. This new entity had a financial statement with over $2.5 billion.

Dr. Ayeni is a founding partner of ASO Savings & Loans. However, he became the majority stakeholder and vice chairman of the company in 2007. He is a top-tier rich barrister in Nigeria

In 2011, Tunde Ayeni became chairman of Skye Bank. Three years later, as the vice chairman of Integrated Energy Distribution and Marketing Ltd (IEDM), he led a successful bid to take control of the Ibadan and Yola Electricity Distribution Companies. Which occurred during the first privatization of a national energy asset in Nigeria.

Olatunde Ayeni is one of the richest SAN in Nigeria. He is also an advocate of banking and trade reforms in Africa. Dr. Ayeni as a philanthropist, has supported various charitable organisations throughout Africa.

6. Jimoh Ibrahim

Jimoh Ibrahim, an influential lawyer
Jimoh Ibrahim
NameJimoh Ibrahim
Net Worth$250 Million
BornFebruary 24, 1967
Ondo State, Nigeria
EducationHarvard University in Cambridge
(MSc. Intl. Taxation)
Harvard University in Cambridge
Obafemi Awolowo University
Obafemi Awolowo University
Relative(s)Modupe Jimoh Ibrahim (Wife)
Abiodun Jimoh Ibrahim (Wife)
Alhaji Yakubu Jimoh (Father)
Theresa Omofemiwa Jimoh
Dipo Jimoh (Brother)
CategoryRichest lawyer in Nigeria
Post HeldChairman & CEO
(Global Fleet Group)
Chairman (Air Nigeria Ltd)
Managing Director (NICON Group)
Chairman (Global Fleet Oil & Gas)
Founder (University of Fortune)
Chairman (Oceanic Bank)
Chairman (Energy Bank Ghana)
M.D. (Newswatch Magazine)


Jimoh Ibrahim owns a diversified conglomerate based in Nigeria called Global Fleet Group. This conglomerate has business interests and subsidiaries across countries in West Africa. Jimoh Ibrahim’s net worth is currently valued at $250 million.


Jimoh Ibrahim is a laywer, a business mogul and a philanthropist. On April 16, 2020, he donated N40 million to his home state, Ondo State, in an effort to alleviate the economic pressure caused the COVID-19 outbreak in the state.

Legal Battle

However, Jimoh Ibrahim has had a few legal battle over substantial misconduct. He had a lawsuit filed against him in 2016. Justice Saliu Saidu made an order following an application by AMCON’ s lawyer, Mr . Yusuf Ali, SAN over an alleged indebtedness of N50 billion.


Jimoh Ibrahim is one of the richest lawyers in Nigeria. He has investments across the following sectors aviation, oil & gas distribution, real estate, resorts, hotels, banking, insurance, transport companies, schools and publishing.

According to Forbes, his Energy Commercial Bank is raised more than $60 million by floating over 50% of its shares to Ghanaian institutional and retail investors, in a bid to recapitalize to more than ¢400 million ($83.5 million) in line with new directives from the Bank of Ghana.

In the previous year, the Bank of Ghana tripled minimum capital requirements for banks to 400 million Cedis as part of reforms to strengthen the industry.

In March, 2020, Gov. Oluwarotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State, inaugurated the University of Fortune founded by Jimoh Ibrahim. Though having a humble beginning, he is definitely one of the most influential lawyers in Nigeria.

7. Afe Babalola

Afe Babalola net worth
Afe Babalola
NameAare Afe Babalola
Net Worth$150 Million
BornOctober 30, 1929
Ekiti State, Nigeria
EducationUniversity of London (LL.B.)
London School of Economics
(Bsc. Economics)
London University
(A’Level certificate)
Relative(s)Folashade Alli (Daughter)
Bolanle Austen-Peters (Daughter)
Dr. Gboyega Babalola (Son)
Michael Opeyemi Babalola (Son)
CategoryRichest lawyer in Nigeria
Post HeldFounder (Afe Babalola University)
(University of Lagos)[2001–2008]


Afe Babalola is a philanthropist, a role model, a businessman, an educational administrator and a lawyer. He is a prominent law figure and one of the richest lawyers in Nigeria. Also, he has a controlling interest the agricultural sector in Nigeria.

In 1963, Afe Babalola began his career as a litigation lawyer at Olu Ayoola and Co, law firm. Two years later, he established his own law firm, Afe Babalola and Co. (Emmanuel Chambers)


In 1987, he attained the highest rank of Legal profession in Nigeria, by becoming a SAN. Afe Babalola was appointed as the Pro-Chancellor of the University of Lagos in 2001. He was appointed by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the former President of Nigeria.

He held the position till 2008. In 2005 and 2006, Afe Babalola was recognized as the best Pro-Chancellor of Nigerian Universities consecutively.

In order to promote education in Nigeria, he founded Afe Babalola University in 2009. The university’s College of law is one of the best in Nigeria.

In 2013, the university was ranked the second best private university in Nigeria and 17 of 136 universities in Nigeria at the time.

In view of the above, Aare Afe Babalola is one of the wealthiest and most influential lawyers in Nigeria. Afe Babalola has an estimated net worth of $150 million

8. Wale Babalakin

Wale Babalakin Richest lawyer in UNILAG
Wale Babalakin
NameDr. Bolanle Olawale Babalakin
Net Worth$125 Million
BornJuly 1, 1960
Oyo State, Nigeria
EducationCambridge University (PhD)
Cambridge University (LL.M.)
University of Lagos (LL.B.)
The Polytechnic, Ibadan
(A’level Certificate)
Relative(s)Olugbolahan Babalakin (Wife)
Bolarinwa O. Babalakin (Father)
Ramotu I. Babalakin (Mother)
Y.A.O. Jinadu (Father-in-law)
CategoryRichest lawyer in Nigeria
Post HeldChairman,
Bi-Courtney Group of Companies
Stabilini Visinoni Limited
University of Lagos [Present]
University of Maiduguri
Committee of Pro-Chancellors
Federal Govt. University Unions
Real Estate Law Committee
Honorary Adviser,
President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua


Wale Babalakin is a lawyer, philanthropist, and a businessman. He has an estimated net worth of $130 million. Thus, Wale Babalakin is one of the richest lawyers in Nigeria.

Through his company, Bi-Courtney Limited, Dr. Babalakin applied for the rights to undertake the Lagos Domestic Airport, the Murtala Mohammed Airport 2, after the old airport structure was razed by fire.

In 1986, Dr. Babalakin joined the firm of his mentor, Chief Frederick Rotimi Williams. By 1987, he established his own firm, Babalakin and Co. Currently, Dr. Babalakin owns a construction firm located in Nigeria.

In 2006, Dr. Babalakin’s hospitality and leisure company, Resort International Limited was granted a Development Lease Agreement to convert the former Federal Secretariat in Ikoyi, Lagos, into luxury blocks of 480 flats.

A year later, the development lease agreement was rescinded by the Lagos State Government. Dr. Babalakin has had his own fair share of disappointments.

But what is remarkable about him is his attitude towards challenges. He always find a way to surmount obstacles.


As mentioned earlier, Dr. Babalakin is a philanthropist. He donated an 80-bed hostel to the University of Ilorin in the name of his father, the Hon. Mr. Justice Bolarinwa Oyegoke Babalakin.

In memory of his mother, he donated an 80-bed hostel in Ibogun,Ogun State. As well as a 500-seater auditorium to the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic.

Dr. Babalakin has a mega scholarship scheme in and out of Nigeria with over 200 students in Nigeria and over 40 students overseas.

In 2013, Dr. Wale Babalakin attained the OFR title along with other dignitaries including the Lagos State governor, Babatunde Fashola, SAN. As a recognition of his contribution to the society.

9. Adewunmi Ogunsanya

Dewunmi Richest lawyer in Nigeria
Dewunmi Ogunsanya
NameAdewunmi Adedeji Ogunsanya
Net Worth$120 Million
BornJune 8, 1963
Lagos State, Nigeria
EducationUniversity of Lagos (LL.M.)
University of Kent,
Canterbury UK (LL.B.)
Relative(s)Mojisola O. Ogunsanya (Wife)
Chief Adebayo Ogunsanya (Father)
Fuad Ogunsanya (Son)
CategoryRichest lawyer in Nigeria
Post HeldDirector, Heritage Bank
Multichoice Nigeria Limited
Principal Partner,
Messrs Ogunsanya & Ogunsanya
Trocadero Group of Companies


Adewunmi Adedeji Ogunsanya is a Lawyer and a businessman. He has an estimated net worth of $120 million. Hence, he is one of the wealthiest lawyers in Nigeria.

He is a Principal Partner in the law firm of Messrs Ogunsanya & Ogunsanya, a reputable law firm in Lagos, Nigeria. Adewunmi Ogunsanya has attained the highest rank of legal practice in Nigeria, the prestigious rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

He is the Chairman of Multichoice Nigeria Limited, a Multi-Billion Dollar Entertainment Conglomerate, owners and operators of brands such as DSTV, Supersports and GoTv. He is also the Chairman of Trocadero Group of Companies.


Adewunmi Ogunsanya show his philanthropic side on April 2, 2020. The Chairman of MultiChoice Nigeria, announced that the company would donate N1.2 billion in an effort to support the Federal Government and Lagos State in ameliorating the impact of COVID-19 outbreak in Nigeria.

10. Babatunde Fashola

Babatunde Fashola most influential lawyer in Nigeria
Babatunde Fashola
NameBabatunde Raji Fashola
Net Worth$45 Million
BornJune 28, 1963
Lagos State, Nigeria
EducationUniversity of Benin (LL.B.)
Relative(s)Abimbola E. Fashola (Wife)
CategoryRichest lawyer in Nigeria
Post HeldMinister of Works and Housing
[2015 – Present]
Minister of Power
[2015 – 2019]
Governor, Lagos State
[2007 – 2015]
Member, State Treasury Board
[2002 – 2006]

11. Yemi Osinbajo

Yemi Osinbajo
Yemi Osinbajo
NameOluyemi Osinbajo
Net Worth$30 Million
BornMarch 8, 1957
Lagos State, Nigeria
EducationLondon School of Economics
University of Lagos (LL.B.)
Igbobi College Yaba (SSCE)
Relative(s)Oludolapo Osinbajo (Wife)
Damilola Osinbajo (Daughter)
Kanyinsola Osinbajo (Daughter)
Fiyinfoluwa Osinbajo (Son)
Opeoluwa Osinbajo (Father)
Chief Obafemi Awolowo
CategoryRichest lawyer in Nigeria
Post HeldVice President,
Federal Republic of Nigeria
[2015 – Present]
Senior Partner,
Simmons Cooper Partners
Professor of Law,
University of Lagos [2007-2013]
HOD, Public Law,
University of Lagos [1999-2007]
Legal Adviser,
Attorney-General &
Minister of Justice [1988-1992]
Law Lecturer,
University of Lagos [1981-1986]
Member, United Nations
Secretary General’s Committee
of Experts on Conduct &
Discipline of UN [2006]

12. Wole Olanipekun

Wole Olanipekun wealthiest lawyers in Nigeria
Wole Olanipekun
NameWole Olanipekun
Net Worth$25 Million
BornNovember 18, 1951
Ekiti State, Nigeria
EducationUniversity of Lagos (LL.B.)
Ilesa Grammar School (SSCE)
Relative(s)Tope Olanipekun (Daughter)
Oladapo Olanipekun (Son)
CategoryRichest lawyer in Nigeria
Post HeldPro-Chancellor,
University of Ibadan [2004-2006]
Vice President,
Pan African Lawyers Union
Nigerian Bar Association [2002]
Attorney General &
Commissioner for Justice
(Ondo State) [1991-1993]


Wole Olanipekun was called to the bar in July 1976 after he graduated from the Nigerian Law School and subsequently attained the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria sixteen years later.


In 1991, he was appointed as Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of Ondo State and served in that capacity till 1993.

In 2002, he was elected as President of the Nigerian Bar Association. A year later, he was appointed the vice President of the Pan African Lawyers Union.

In 2004, he became the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Governing Council of the University of Ibadan till 2006.

Senior Lawyer

On January 2007, he became a Life bencher, appointed by the Nigerian Body of Benchers.

Chief Wole Olanipekun has represent notable entities in court. He led a team of MTN lawyers made up of 10 senior advocates during the Nigerian Communications Commission saga in 2015.

He is also head of the legal team of the All Progressives Congress Governor-elect in Bayelsa State, Chief David Lyon, in 2020.


In 2019, Wole Olanipekun adviced young lawyers at a programme organised by Lawbreed Ltd. He said, “You must strive to be the master of whatever area of the law you chose to pursue.

You must read widely and show that indeed you are a learned person is every aspect of lives.”

Chief Wole Olanipekun has an estimated net worth of $25 million. He is one of the richest barristers in Nigeria.

Final Words

The legal profession is continually changing and evolving, bringing new challenges and rewards. Legal professionals must be willing to master new technology and navigate the ever-evolving legal system.

The influx of new lawyers being Called to Bar yearly may create some sort of saturation in the labour market. Law firms and chambers have been reducing the number of training contracts and pupillages, with some firms cancelling their next trainee intake.

However, no matter how saturated the labour market may be, one can still become successful. Luck is created when opportunity meet preparation. So create your own luck.

Most persons on this list didn’t become successful simply by following existing pattern. That said, one may argue that the nobles on the list were set right from the onset, that they came from wealthy families. Even if that is the case for some of them, definitely not all of them.

Jimoh Ibrahim’s dad was a bricklayer, in case you didn’t know. So stop making excuses and start making changes. If you have a passion for law and you’re planning to study this course, go ahead. Don’t let anyone, anything, or any stereotype deter you.

Nonetheless, if you intend to study this course simply because of the wealth associated with the profession. Remember that when this vision becomes blur during the rigour of school, it is your passion that’d keep you on track.

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