Top 20 Best Rice Brands in Nigeria (2021)

Best rice brands in Nigeria

The twenty best rice brands in Nigeria and their customer satisfaction ratings are given in this review. We have examined them and given reasons for their various positions on our ranking system.

Furthermore, we will also explore alternatives to each rice brand so that you can have options when visiting the market. Sometimes, a particular rice brand may be scarce in the market, thus hiking its price or making it near impossible to find.

Well, in a situation like this, the options provided on this post can come in handy. Before we proceed, let’s quickly take a look at an overview of rice in Nigeria and beyond.

Rice: A Taste of Paradise

Rice, a versatile source of carbs, is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of Nigeria’s population. It knows no class distinction, as it is consumed by people of varied social classes.

As a food rich in carbohydrate, it provides over 20% of Nigeria’s dietary energy supply, which is apparent in its daily demand.

A friend once said that a ceremony held in Nigeria is incomplete until rice is served, jollof rice to be exact. Jollof rice or Jellof is a one-pot rice dish popular in many West African countries.

It is usually made from scratch using rice, tomatoes, tomato paste (optional), pimento peppers, onions, salt, and other spices.

The Beauty of Rice Is Its Versatility

The grain can be boiled, steamed, baked, pounded, fried, roasted, or even grilled. Moreover, it can also be transformed into sweets and savories.

In Ghana, it can be prepared into a delicious meal called Waje. In Nigeria, however, rice can be prepared into a number of delicacies, namely; coconut rice, white rice, fried rice, banga rice, pounded rice (tuwo shinkafa), etc.

As a result of the global demand for rice, several companies have ventured into the production of rice, in a bid to monetize this demand.

WHO Guidelines on Rice Production

However, in order to mitigate the risk of iron deficiency associated with rice consumption, the World Health Organization (WHO) guideline recommends the fortification of rice with iron.

Sadly, some of these companies are mostly concerned about making a profit rather than producing quality rice. Hence, it has become necessary to review the best rice brands in Nigeria.

This is meant to serve as a guide especially for those who aren’t conversant with the best rice brands in Nigeria.

A Bag of Rice: Best rice brands in Nigeria

Best Rice Brands in Nigeria

There are several rice brands sold in the Nigerian market. Some of them are of exquisite taste, versatile and excellent in the preparation of many delicacies. In sharp contrast, some others are below par, filled with stones, husk, and are usually soggy when cooked.

Therefore, we have taken some time to exam each rice brand to ascertain the best rice brand in Nigeria. We have also conducted research to know the most common rice brands amongst the people in terms of their prices, manufacturers, and distributors.

Below is a list of the best rice brands in Nigeria;

RankBest Rice Brands in NigeriaCustomer Rating
1Mama Gold4.9
2Royal Stallion4.8
3African Princess4.8
4Royal Umbrella4.7
5Mama’s Pride4.6
6Tomato Aroso Rice4.5
7Mama Africa4.5
9Basmati Rice4.2
10Ofada Rice4.2
11Elephant Pride4.2
12Rice Master4.1
13Lake Rice4.0
14Falcon Rice4.0
16Big Bull Rice3.9
17Patriot Rice3.8
18Royal Naija Rice3.8
19Mama’s Choice3.8
20Anambra Rice3.5

Note: During the course of this research, a survey was conducted for a population sample which comprises of large-scale customers, in order to identify the best rice brand in Nigeria., however, used a metric that allots points to each rice brand depending on its price, customer rating, texture, versatility, as well as the presence of husk and stones to grade these brands.

If your favourite rice brand isn’t at a spot you wanted, do note that this was a close call.

Without further ado, here are the details of the best rice brands in Nigeria as well as their prices;

1. Mama Gold

As at the time of publishing this report, Mama Gold Rice is the best rice brand to buy in Nigeria. It is a very popular rice brand in the Nigerian market but that isn’t why it topped our list of the best rice in Nigeria.

Unlike the local rice in Nigeria, Mama Gold isn’t filled with stones and husk. It isn’t soggy either and thus doesn’t get spoilt a few hours after it’s cooked.

Price of Mama Gold Rice in Nigeria

50kg (full bag)₦21,000
25kg (half bag)₦11,300
Alternative• Mama Africa
• Mama’s Pride
• Tomato Aroso Rice
CategoryBest Rice in Nigeria 2021

During the early periods when rice was banned by the Nigerian government, people paid a fortune to purchase this rice. Even now, Mama Gold is still very expensive. Recently, the price of a full bag of Mama Gold rice dropped to ₦21,000. It was sold for more last December.

The reason being that it’s imported from Thailand. Hence, it’s amongst the foreign rice in Nigeria. Its major distributor is OLAM Nigeria Limited. The company is involved in rice production in Nigeria. A more robust description of rice distributors in Nigeria is given at the end of this article.

Subsequently, Mama Gold might experience a slight drop in our ranking due to its price. Even then, it will still remain one of the best rice brands in Nigeria.

2. Royal Stallion

The second best rice in Nigeria on our list is Royal Stallion. Royal Stallion is widely known for its quality in Nigeria. As a result, high-end restaurants in Nigeria use it a lot.

An average restaurant in Nigeria may prefer other options because of its high cost in the Nigerian Market. One of its distinguishing factors is the emblem crested at the very centre of its bag. A logo of a flehmening horse which represents the elegance of this brand.

Royal Stallion complies with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines on the fortification of rice with vitamins and minerals.

This brand fortifies its rice with vitamins and minerals, which helps alleviate the health risk associated with the insistent consumption of rice.

Price of Royal Stallion Rice in Nigeria

50kg (full bag)₦26,500
25kg (half bag)₦13,500
Alternative • Royal Umbrella
CategoryBest foreign rice in Nigeria

The embargo placed by the Nigerian government on rice importation has contributed to the increase in the cost of Royal Stallion. A full bag of Royal Stallion Rice cost about ₦26,500 in the Nigerian market.

Whilst half bag of Royal Stallion Rice cost ₦13,500 and 10kg cost an average of ₦5,500 in Nigerian markets.

Do note that the prices may vary depending on the distance of your location to Lagos and the category of sellers you patronize. Wholesalers charge marginally lesser than retailers.

3. African Princess

African Princess Rice is one of the best white rice brands in Nigeria. Its level of quality conforms with the industry’s best practices. As a result of its high standard, it is a prominent figure in an African woman’s kitchen.

Unlike locally processed rice, the rice from this brand is easy to cook and doesn’t involve the rigour experienced when preparing Abakiliki rice.

It is a non-sticky, husk free rice enriched with iron. African Princess Rice is processed in Thailand.

Price of African Princess Rice in Nigeria

50kg (full bag)₦26,000
25kg (half bag)₦13,300
Alternative• Riceland
CategoryBest Rice Brand to buy

African Princess rice is one of the most expensive brands of rice in Nigeria. African Princess rice peaked at ₦28,000 early this year. Currently, though, a full bag is been sold for ₦26,000.

Consequently, a 25kg bag price of this rice cost ₦13,300, while a 10kg bag is been sold for ₦5,200.

4. Royal Umbrella

Royal Umbrella is a national treasure. This brand is loved by all, old, young, rich or not. It is a delicious ingredient for Jollof rice. In fact, a rice distributor once called it “jolly jolly rice.”

It is also a nutritious rice, as it offers health benefits to consumers. These nutrients are required for the growth and development of infants as well as adults.

Sadly though, this rice brand has been somewhat scarce in the Nigerian market. The good news, however, is Royal Stallion and African Princess are good alternatives to this brand.

Price of Royal Umbrella Rice in Nigeria

50kg (full bag)₦27,000
25kg (half bag)₦13,750
Alternative• Royal Stallion
CategoryBest Rice in Nigeria 2021

Due to scarcity, the price of this rice isn’t constant. As at the last time we checked, a 50kg bag of Royal Umbrella was sold for ₦27,000.

5. Mama’s Pride

Mama’s Pride is an excellent alternative to Mama Gold. It is an agro product of the same company, OLAM Nigeria Ltd. My experience with Mama Pride has been nothing short of excellence.

In order to eliminate bias, I also conducted a survey on consumers’ reaction to the quality of Mama’s Pride rice in Nigeria. A majority of the participants gave Mama’s Pride rice a good rating.

One reason why a lot of Nigerians love Mama’s Pride is that it is marginally less expensive than its counterpart, Mama Gold. Its price advantage has also contributed to its popularity across West African countries.

This rice brand has benefited greatly from Nigeria’s importation restriction. Reason being that it is grown and processed in Nigeria. The company claims to have fortified this rice with adequate nutrition. A simple lab test could prove this claim. That said, it is one of the best rice brands in Nigeria.

Price of Mama’s Pride Rice in Nigeria

50kg (full bag)₦20,000
25kg (half bag)₦10,800
Alternative• Mama Gold
• Mama Africa
• Tomato Aroso Rice
CategoryBest Rice in Nigeria 2021

A full bag of Mama Pride Rice cost about ₦20,000 in Nigeria.

6. Tomato Aroso Rice

Tomato Aroso Rice is another rice brand that has made it to our list. It is a parboiled long grain rice that meets the international standard of processed rice. For it enriched with vitamins and iron, and free from fat.

This brand of rice looks and tastes excellent when prepared as jollof rice, and is also nice with spicy stew. You could as well take with vegetables, which would taste great and further enhance your daily value of vitamins. Therefore, it appropriate to say that Tomato Aroso Rice is one of the best rice brands in Nigeria.

Price of Tomato Aroso Rice in Nigeria

50kg (full bag)₦17,500
25kg (half bag)₦9,000
Alternative• Mama Africa
• Mama Pride
• Mama Gold
CategoryBest Rice in Nigeria 2021

Another reason why consumers love Tomato Aroso Rice is because of its pocket-friendly prices. A full bag (50kg) of Tomato Aroso Rice cost about ₦17,500 in the Nigerian market.

Whilst half bag (25kg) of Tomato Aroso Rice cost ₦9,000 and 10kg cost an average of ₦3,900 in Nigerian markets.

7. Mama Africa

Okay, I know this isn’t the first time you’ve seen the word ‘Mama’ while reading through this review. Honestly, I can’t guarantee that you wouldn’t see this name again. Like we mentioned earlier, most of the mama rice you see in the Nigerian market are distributed by the renowned fast-moving consumer goods company, OLAM Nigeria Limited.

Giving credits where it’s due, I got to say that this company markets some of the best rice brands in Nigeria. As expected, Mama Africa Rice is very reliable when hosting guests or a ceremony. Also, it has a consistent demand in the market, said one rice store owner.

Price of Mama Africa Rice in Nigeria

50kg (full bag)₦21,500
25kg (half bag)₦11,500
Alternative• Mama Gold
• Mama Pride
• Tomato Aroso Rice
CategoryBest Rice in Nigeria 2021

Like its counterpart occupying the number one spot on our list, Mama Africa is a bit expensive. Recently, the price of a full bag (50kg) of Mama Africa rice dropped to ₦21,500. It was sold for around ₦24,500 last December.

8. Caprice

Caprice is imported from Thailand. And it is amongst the best foreign rice brands in Nigeria. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals. Like Tomato Aroso Rice, the company boasts of a fat-free rice.

This rice brand absorbs the least amount of water when cooked. And as such, it is usually recommended for the preparation of fried rice. It’s difficult to pick any other rice brand over this one when it comes to making fried rice.

Price of Caprice in Nigeria

50kg (full bag)₦26,000
25kg (half bag)₦13,250
Alternative• African Princess
CategoryBest Rice in Nigeria 2021

A full bag (50kg) of Caprice sells for a whopping sum of ₦26,000. This is definitely one of the most expensive rice in Nigeria. While half bag (25kg) and 10kg sells for ₦13,250 and ₦5,400 respectively. This brand of rice has been scarce for a while now.

9. Basmati Rice

If you are on a diet, Basmati Rice is a good call. It is fat-free and has a relatively low amount of sugar. It is a long-grain rice with a high quality and a superb taste.

Personally, I prefer to have this rice prepared the Chinese way. It brings out the uniqueness of this rice.

Price of Basmati Rice in Nigeria

50kg (full bag)₦21,500
25kg (half bag)₦11,600
Alternative• Cosrice
CategoryBest Basmati rice brand in Nigeria

10. Ofada Rice

Ofada Rice gets its name from a town in Ogun State. This local rice brand is loved by consumers across the country. It is very similar to Ekpoma Rice. The major drawback of this rice is the number of stones and husk it’s packaged with.

One would have to spend a considerable amount of time to pick this rice, else you’d regret it. I say this from experience. Even so, the stress encountered while preparing the rice doesn’t take much from how pleasant it is to have.

This rice brand is at its best when it is prepared as coconut rice and banga rice. If you get the recipe right, oh father, you’d keep asking for more.

Price of Ofada Rice in Nigeria

50kg (full bag)₦18,000
25kg (half bag)₦9,500
Alternative• Ekpoma Rice
CategoryBest Nigerian Rice

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