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LightDL XYZ? Seriously? Yeah… When it comes to downloading movies from the Internet, the options keep increasing. Hence, you have wide range of choice when picking the site to download your favourite movies and TV series.

Today, we’ll be talking about LightDL, and why it made it to the list of users’ favourite movie website. Unlike many other websites, this one supports anime download as well. So it falls amongst websites that makes movies, TV series and anime available for downloads. Which is quite rare to find.

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If you have been downloading movies and anime from the Internet for a while, then you may have probably visited LightDL before. It definitely is one of the websites that provide movies and TV series for free. The website still works and has rebranded over the years.

However, you should know that websites that offer movie free downloads are usually illegal. And because they promote pirated contents, they could get blocked. Previously, we have written on Fzmovies, NetNaija and O2TVSeries.

Legal Notice: Please note that the use of LightDL may be subject to copyright laws. However, we do not in anyway encourage you to use this site.

LightDL Overview

LightDL is a website that offers a wide range of movies, TV series and anime without the need to create an account with them. Also, there are no hidden subscriptions when you make use of this platform.

The website was designed to attract users from diverse parts of the world. You can find Chinese movies and Korean movies. It is a fantastic website to find contents to entertain yourself. Well, the movies are available in so many genres.

When it comes to action movies, LightDL got you covered. On the website, you will find some of the trending action movies. You are one click away from downloading your favourite movies while on the website.

The website has its sorting filters as well, this makes it easier to find movies. If don’t want to miss out of a recently released episode of a TV series you’re following, then you could check this site out. The download server is also quite fast, so it handles a fair amount of downloads. HD movies are also available.

I take it that you are a movie lover, so I’d be offering tips to help you surf Light Downloads better. In this review, we will be talking about, its features, categories, how to download movies form this platform, and much more. Hence, it is time to put on your seatbelt and follow me as we take you on a fancy ride.

What Is LightDL?

LightDL is a website that offers users free direct downloads for TV series, anime, Hollywood movies, Chinese movies and Korean movies.

Well, you should know that LightDL stands for Light Downloads. Hence, the list of movies available on this website is really really long. That is not all, the features of this website is quite attractive.

The download links on the website are direct, in the sense that you are not redirected to another platform. You know downloading from someone else’s server can be really stressful and slow.



The website for Light Downloads was previously Some time later, the url was changed to the current website – Well, the url was changed, but they stuck with the initial concept.

There are only a few differences between the existing website and the previous one. However, over the years many individuals have come to know the platform via this new website. The number of users keep increasing, and the growth is interesting to watch.

Top Light Downloads (LightDL) Movies / TV Series / Anime

NameRelease Date
Blacklist2013 – Present
Into the badlands2015 – 2019
Peaky Blinders2013 – Present
Kingdom2019 – Present
Suits2011 – 2019
Money Heist2017 – Present
Rick and Morty2013 – Present
John Wick 32019
Legends of Tomorrow2016 – Present
On My Block2018 – Present
The Flash2014 – Present
Legacies2018 – Present
See2019 – Present
Sonic The HedgeHog2020
Sex Education2019 – Present
Siren2018 – Present
Merlin2008 – 2012
Arrow2014 – 2020
Power2012 – 2020
Knightfall2017 – Present
Banshee2013 – 2016
Shadow Hunters2016 – 2019
Avengers: Infinity Wars2018
Avengers: Endgame2019
Naruto Shippuden2007


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LightDL Movies

LightDL movies contains several movies. It contains one of the most comprehensive list of movies on a free movie download website. If you are downloading a movie from the platform, you are given a direct download link

That way there are no redirects to other websites in order for you to download your favourite movies and TV series. The movies on the website are updated regularly. Most times, you see a new movie everyday day.

I know that’s something you would like. Normally, when I see a new movie on any platform, and the cover image looks appealing, I tend to do a quick research on that movie. If the research turns out well, then I could consider watching it. Hence, I like to see new or recommended movies.

TV Series

When it comes to TV series, you would find so many on LightDL. While writing this, I checked out a TV series I’m currently watching – Peaky Blinders, and they seem to have it as well. The website also contains some information about the TV shows. So if you would like to read about the actors on Wikipedia before you watch a new series, then you can.


There are quite a number of games that are available on this platform. There are games to expand your memory, relieve you of your stress or boredom, memory enhancers and even help you to improve your focus.

Well, I particularly like memory enhancing games and the ones that make me think critically. It’s like I’m giving my brain a workout. And I suppose you know the drill; the tougher the weight, the bigger the gain.

Do you need the latest updates on your favourite games? They also have latest game patches as well on LightDL. However, the increasing size of this games may lead you to clearing your storage in order to get an update. Well, we have a list of lightweight 2GB RAM games for PC. Low storage could be challenging, but downloading these lightweight games could be very helpful.

If you prefer multiplayer games, there are some available. You can check the specifications to see if they are compatible with your PC. Well, I like to use a gamepad when playing games on my PC. It makes it feel like my XBox 360.


There are also essential software that you can install on your computer that are available on LightDL. So if you’re into graphics or design, you can check out some of the best software that they have in place.

If you are also a techie or a geek, you may want to try out this section of the website. So many software, and not so much time. There are old software as well as new ones on the site.

Chinese Series

The Chinese movie industry is gradually spreading around the world. I remember over a decade ago when I would sit in front of my TV to watch a Jet Li or a Jackie Chan movie.

Currently, I’m watching a Chinese series titled Warrior, it’s by Cinemax and it is based on an original Bruce Li’s concept. You can check it out. There’s also Mulan, a movie starring Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, and Jet Li. It’s an action film based on Disney’s Mulan.

As you can see, I like Chinese movies a lot. The way gravity is neglected in Chinese action movies, is simply amazing. Lol. You will find everyone flying around like dragon flies. Kiss of the dragon.


Naruto is one of the most popular Anime in the world. It got introduced to Japanese anime in 2008. Though is has long ended, till this day I still follow its spinoff – Boruto.

They have made animated TV series to become a thing to even non native Japanese speakers. I have an acquaintance that learnt to speak Japanese through watching anime.

Korean Movies

LightDL also has Korean movies. Honestly, some are really good to watch as a family. For the most part, they produce quite a lot of romantic movies. I have a friend whose mum advised that she better get married to a Korean man, because she can’t seem to get their names off her mouth. That’s how interesting the movies are.

That notwithstanding, it’s important not to base ones life on the loves stories in Korean movies. The actors and actresses are so beautiful and makes you want to watch them act.

Then, there is the suspense, emotional manipulation, and plays. It’s definitely part of the Korean experience. The concepts and plot twists make it a must watch as well. I saw Forgotten on Netflix recently, and it was mind-blowing.

I have to hand it to the Korean movie industry, they are good in the dramatization of a plot. Regardless of the genre, one can write a thesis on these movies.

Usually, they even spark some thought provoking discussions that are based on these movies. But when it comes to social commentary, then I’d give it to the Japanese. You don’t even have to understand Japanese to feel it.

How to Download LightDL Movies/ TV Series / Korean Movies / Chinese Movies / Anime

If you want to download anything from LightDL, then you should know that the steps are very easy. No stress whatsoever. If you are unable to download movies or TV series from the website, then you are probably on a mirror site that is not functioning properly.

Here are the easy steps to follow. Note that these steps to download LightDL movies also applies to TV series, Korean movies, Chinese movies and Anime.

Step 1: Enter the url of the website –

Step 2: On the homepage, you can make your choice: you can download movies, TV series, Anime, Korean movies or Chinese movies. Each category sometimes include trailers of movies yet to be released.

Step 3: After deciding the category you will like to download from, you can click on it. You can choose from 1080p, 720p and 480p video quality to download. That said, you can decide depending on your internet connection and storage.

Step 4: Click on any movie that is displayed on the page and it would load the download links.

Step 5: You can now decide to download the movies, and maybe watch them with a popcorn and a drink.


There is a search feature on LightDL that is quite different from other websites search tool. When you search for a movie on this website, you can easily locate it and start your download. You don’t have to spend any time scrolling. It is very easy and fast. Also, the Blogger interface the website uses makes it one big page where you would find everything that you need.

How to Search for LightDL Movies

Step 1: Enter the url of the website –

Step 2: Click on movies at the top left corner of your screen.

Step 3: Write out the name of the movie that you will like to download. If a sequel is already released, you can specify the one you want. Then, you can hit the search icon.

Step 4: When the results load, select the movie from the available options.

Note: If the movie is unavailable, then there will be no result.

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the page to select a download link. When you do so, your download would start immediately.

Note: If you do not click the movies tab before using the search feature, unrelated results will be displayed. On the homepage, it is indicated that the home search is for only series.


To download a movie from is piece of cake. What I particularly like about it is the provision of high quality movies.

Most movie download website do not contain 1080p movies because that would be consuming a lot of server space, but Light Downloads is quite different. Also, the website has the best of several worlds. Some websites only contain Hollywood movies or series, but LightDL contains both.

LightDL is also a good website to download Korean and Chinese movies. These are two movie industries that have been growing over the years. Very soon, they might be as popular as Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood. Well, the website does not seem like one to disappoint any time soon.


We at do not in any way support or encourage promoters of pirated contents. We respect the authorities in different parts of the world. This article was only written for educational purposes.

The content available in this publication is to inform our readers of how the platform work. We do not encourage users to make use of the site, rather we urge them to make a well-informed decision. The use of such website is at the risk of the user.

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