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[FIXED] This Page isn’t Allowed to Advertise on Facebook

Fix This Page Isn’t Allowed To Advertise On Facebook

How to Fix This Page Isn’t Allowed To Advertise On Facebook

Did you get the “This Page isn’t allowed to advertise” notice on Facebook? In that case Ads wouldn’t be allowed to run on your page anymore.

It may be that your account was previously hacked or you unknowingly placed some Ads that violated Facebook’s advertising policies. Well, to cut the long story short, it means that you can no longer advertise that page.

However, in this article we would be considering a fix for Page not allowed to advertise on Facebook. We would also talk about safe practices to avoid such incidents from occurring.

Since 2019, many Facebook users have been getting “This Page isn’t allowed to advertise” notice and have been confused on how to solve it.

Usually, below the notice is a link where you can request for a review. Well, if you have tried that, then you’d know it hardly works. The review page simply redirects to a page where you can request for a review for an account.

When a friend got hacked sometime last year, he faced this problem as well. A Facebook page that he managed was then used to advertise fraudulent products with funds from his advertising account.

He contacted support to get back his account, but the Facebook page was still limited. You may probably be in his shoes, here are some tips that would help.

Solution to Facebook Page isn’t Allowed to Show Ads

1. Find out what went wrong

You need to find out what caused the Page Isn’t Allowed to show Ads on Facebook notice. In most cases, you may have done something wrong – unknowingly or knowingly. Either case, you could simply go through the entire Facebook policies on advertising. There you would be able to see if you violated anyone.

If you posted a content that violated a policy, then Facebook would moderate such content. The platform is very strict with its policies.

There were times when cryptocurrency Ads lead to ban. You have to try to get to know every policy that are on Facebook’s list. Towards the end of the article, you will find some of these polices.

Also included in Facebook policies is the way Ads are displayed and where the Ads lead to. If your Ad led to a webpage, you want to be careful that such a page doesn’t violate Facebook terms.

The terms used in Facebook Ads are also important. For example, Facebook usually take down some Before and After pictures. Anything that could be misleading is frowned at.

Did your Ad contain a play button when there was actually nothing to play? That is somewhat misleading too.

That would fall under nonexistent functionality policy violation. Or did you use Facebook logo on your Ad? Then, you’ve probably done something wrong as well.

These are possible reasons why one would get the notice “This Page isn’t allowed to advertise.”

2. Contact Support

After reviewing what you may have done wrong, the next step is to contact Facebook. There are several ways that you can do this. Either through live chat or by using the request for review that was below the Ad not allowed notice. The live chat is for limited users and work only during business hours.

Live Chat

If your country is supported, then contacting support through the live chat on Facebook is probably the easiest method to get your page Ad restored. When you use the live chat feature, you would get prompt responses. However, only a few countries are supported. You could try a VPN if that works.

Review Request

If you go with the request for a review option, you would need to appeal to them. After clicking the “review request” link, you have to explain your situation to support.

In the box, you’d see “Please tell us why you should be allowed to advertise.” Be honest. Try to explain what may have caused your page to be limited.

For example, the friend I talked about earlier explained how he was hacked which may have led to his accounts being compromised. His account was later released to him. After appealing, of course, for his advertising account. It took some days for him to get it back.

Sadly, in some cases the ban could be permanent. Since you’re appealing to a human, if he/she feels the appeal is not genuine, it could be rejected.

However, that is not the end. Even if your appeal gets rejected, you can continue to appeal. Your support ticket may be attended by a different person.

You can also try to reach support by using the contact forms. You fill your request into a form, and in turn get replies via your mail. When replying a mail from a support, you have to be careful with your choice of words.

They are not the cause of the problem, being rude to them wouldn’t lead to a positive result.

Try to express yourself without using swear words, I understand that you may probably be hurt. After explaining your situation to them, you can request for steps that need to be taken for your Ads to be reactivated. This is appeal process could take a while.

3. Always check your Support Inbox and Mail

You have to check your Facebook support inbox to see if your request has gotten a reply. You can find the inbox at the top right corner of your screen. It is symbolized with a question icon.

When you open the support inbox, there you would see your request and replies from support would be found here. Hence, if a request is not granted you will get to know from this window.

You can do well to protect your account to prevent future occurrences.

How to protect your advertising account on Facebook

1. Only open an Ad account when your need one.

Usually, Facebook tend to disable dormant advertising accounts on the platform. When a dormant account is deactivated by Facebook, it is difficult to restore it.

Hence, it is advisable to open one when you need to advertise. Instead of keeping an Ad account inactive, you can occasionally use it to promote your posts.

2. Keep your Ad account active

One way to keep your Ad account active is by running ads with the purpose of avoiding dormancy. These Ads would help to keep your account alive. When you make a post, you try to give it the best visibility by promoting it.

3. Have an alternative

I know you probably like Facebook so much for your business, but it is best to have an alternative advertising platform. You can make use of Twitter Ads, Google Ads and even YouTube Ads

I’ve used both Facebook Ads and Google Ads in the past and the results were amazing. Just to prevent yourself from feeling devastated when Facebook shuts the door, you need an alternative Ad platform.

How to Solve Facebook Ads Not Approved

When you get the prompt that “Ad Not Approved! Your post is still published on your page, but it is no longer boosted because it doesn’t follow Facebook’s Advertising Policies.”

That definitely is going to be a rough day. This is quite different from the previous issue. Well, there is also a solution for this. But first, let’s consider what may cause this prompt.

What causes Ad Not Approved on Facebook?

1. Breach of Facebook policy

If you try to advertise something that breaches Facebook policy, then the Ad would not be approved. For example, Facebook frowns at hate speeches, adult contents (pornography), promotion of violence, cryptocurrency, etc.

There are situations where your Ad may be a violation in one country and okay in another country. If alcohol is restricted in a country, then you should not advertise alcohol in that country.

2. Copyright violation

Like every other platform, Facebook does discourages copyright infringement. If an Ad violates a copyright, then Facebook would not approve the Ad.

For example, when you use an Ad that contains logo of other popular companies that are not associated with your Ad. Also, the company doesn’t accept violations of intellectual property.

3. Display of your Ads

The display of your Ads also matters. If your Ad appear to aggressively target certain users, then it would not be approved. You have to limit the number of words that are used so as not to make it appear excessively targeting.

4. Misleading Ads

If your advert is not honest or it leads to a page different from what is in the advert, then that ad may not be approved. Facebook does not like when its users are misguided or redirected to platforms other than the ones mentioned in the adverts.

How to Solve Ad Not Approved on Facebook

In order to solve Ad not approved on Facebook, you have to give attention to Facebook policies.

If you have identified the policy that your Ad probably violated, then you can try to make changes. The kind of content you use in your advert should conform with those policies and copyright standards.

Final Note

In this article, we have considered how you can solve Page isn’t allowed to showed Ad on Facebook. We also looked at how you can solve Ads not approved on Facebook.

These are two issues that many Facebook users encounter when they try to display Ads on their pages. If you keep in mind the platform’s policies, then you would know how to avoid being in that position.

We are glad share with you how you can solve your Ad problem on Facebook. Similarly, you can do well to share with your friends too.

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